Prayer about having close friends

I was wondering if asking God for friends and close relationships is something that is good to ask God. And on top of that asking with faith because when we ask God we should ask him in faith. Last night I found myself thanking God believing he will bring people into my life, but then I realized I might not have this prayer answered. I have trouble isolating myself as well.


@greypilgrim Definitely :slight_smile: God answered my prayer for a godly friend back in college and we still pray together every week. Now, God did not answer that prayer automatically and it took some action on my part, but I firmly believe God did answer.

God is our Father, so it is always appropriate to ask Him for what we need and express our heart to Him, no matter how trivial it may seem. He may not answer us right away or His answer may be to give us strength to endure and joy in the battle rather than what we desire, but we should always pray!

King David’s attitude as he waited on God to deliver him from situations that dragged on for quite some time is a great inspiration. Part of faith is taking our prayers to God persistently because we trust Him, even if we do not see Him working immediately in our lives.

Psalms 27:14 - Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.

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Thanks Sean, I appreciate the feedback. I am aware that it will take some action on my part, but I continue to trust God. Today I actually had a chance to hang out with a group of people because our church was canceled due to the virus. So it almost felt like a really quick answered prayer. =D

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Praise the Lord :slight_smile:

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@greypilgrim Hii, First I want to tell you that I know how do you feel exactly and I myself have been there. God is good, he is passionate, kind and loving. He loves to see you happy and full. He definitely has a unique way to deal with each one of us but I know for sure that he don’t let his sons and daughters feel alone or needy. I pray that you find love, companionship and friendship in him first and that he fills your heart with the outstanding joy and love he has for you :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
God bless you !

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