Prayer for Strategic Employment

(Mashinkah Bahston) #1

Are we forsaken, when we pray and our requests are not quickly responded to with a ‘t’ crossed and ‘i’ dotted? YHWH, LORD God, promised in the Garden to get things right. Our heel bite and the Enemy’s Head crushed. David sang to the LORD, He called Him, the God of My Salavation. God was known to be a RESCUER, El Shaddai, YAHWEH Yireh, Provider.

I sit here still unemployed. Got another bit of education and certification, yet I have been overlooked. A performer. A 'make it happen type.'Why am I not employed?

God did have to heal me from an abysmal accident. He had to teach me about ATS. Writing using relationship skills. Applying for some I didn’t think of. Is it my chronological age? Too educated? I don’t know.

Praying for Gods door to open, where I can make a difference for His kingdom. Asking the LORD to take people out and move them along. The place He wants for me. He led me to the sector. He is now helping me to be diligent. Write effectively. Sure. I don’t know everything. Taken free and paid classes to sharpen up. And keep it going.

May the LORD help you with what you are praying for. Remember, you are saved by God’s grace. No one deserves salvation. No one deserves God’s promises.His LOVE never stops. His guidance never ends. He supplies what we need. We need to draw closer. Closer to you precious LORD. You provide, you are our righteousness. May the LORD Jesus give us His Words today.

Today is all we have. Having almost died at 3 in the YMCA shallow end pool, molested by two teenage boys most likely high, then surviving a 13 year all type eating disorders, and now flipping over a 15 speed bike onto my face crushing bones; I force myself to rest in Him. Acknowledge Him. Pray without ceasing to Him.

The LOVER OF YOUR SOUL. He is our Husband. He is our wife. He is our reason for living. He is our HOPE, anchor, shield, citadel, Rabbi, Teacher, protector, and…etc. He is GOOD. GOOD. GOOD. Cling to Him. Hide in His Shelter. Psalm 91. And know what is impossible for Women and Men through our gracious loving LORD, all things are possible. We serve the I AM. God bless you!

(Kathleen) #2

Praying, @Mkibos! Are you recovering right now from the bike accident?

(Mashinkah Bahston) #3

No, I am recovered from shattered bones, etc. Took awhile. They didn’t know if …? I started thanking God when I finally woke up 4 weeks after.

In Psalm 91, the LORD promises “His Angels encampeth around us.” I fell over a 15 speed bike. No surgeries. Alleluia. God is gracious, merciful, and kind. He orders our steps…wheels. He hedges us from behind and orders our steps ahead. His miracle. His glory. Amen!

(Armando Bordales) #4

Hi @Mkibos, praying for you sister. Hang in there.

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(Sieglinde) #5

Lifting you up in prayer now *:heart:

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(Sieglinde) #6

@Mkibos keep us posted.

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(Mashinkah Bahston) #8

Thanks for the prayers. Praise God! I turned off all searches in Healthcare. I got indirect confirmation that my accident was preventing people from considering me as a candidate. Whatever God wants is superior. Updated 3 Online Search Apps and LinkedIn. It is Gods prerogative to change the direction of the wind in our lives. His way. His will. His LOVE.

(Mashinkah Bahston) #9

Interview on Wednesday. May the LORD God open His doors for me. His doorway leads to eternal life. He is our bread. Living Water. Shepherd. Fortress. I AM. He knows every detail and cares deeply about His children. He is amazing. – Going to write out some answers. A friend coached me. :slight_smile: It is in His hands. And not mine.