Prayer request & demonic possession

Hi everyone, been dealing with three ladies I really care about that have traded the truth of God for doctrines of demons, each suiting their own particular tastes for sin.
In one case one believes or just tries to con people into believing she can talk to aliens for them or have aliens talk through her in order to give them healing advice in exchange for cash.
Another case where one idolizes Ayn Rand philosophy which spawned American Satanism. Basically the belief that extreme selfishness is good and those whose self sacrifice are parasites.
And lastly one that is into tarot cards and all kinds of random new age religions and teachers. Picking and choosing things to her personal preferences.
Pretty sure they’ve been trying to cast spells on me etc. for exposing them and speaking bible based truths.
Can you please pray for them and me please? Also, I need advice on exorcisms, I don’t know how to handle this?
Thank you so much, it’s been emotionally, spiritually and physically draining.

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Hi Wolfgang Here is a very interesting video clip from a new Age Guru who is now a Christian.fascinating story https:https:[/( Agers are seeking God, the enemy gets in there and tries to exploit their desire for God,since they dont have the discernment to know they are being deceived.Its a merrygo round.Before you meet up with any of them pray and ask the Lord to bind all occult witchcraft, New Age,Kundalinisorcery etc in Jesus Name. also bind all curses, hexes from being sent to you. Ask the Lord to cover in the blood any curses that are active and nullify and recant them in Jesus name Then release the Lord into your meetings with them and ask him to work in their hearts.exorcism is a Catholic term for deliverancethat relies heavily on holy water sprinkling, a physical cross being placed on peoplesforeheads, etc. Deliverance is a ministry done when the person has accepted Jesus as their saviour. The Name of Jesus is the authority that gets the demons out You act as a a facilitator listening closely to God . He will give you all you need to speak out when the person is ready he will also order your steps in it. Be careful not to get ahead of God.after each session bind all retribution, vengeance and sabotage from coming against you or you family. Hope this helps. There are many layers to this ministry. Prayerfully upholding you to the Lord.your sister in Christ,



Thank you so much for your response. I’ll be reading through it several times, watching the video and reflecting through prayer. All of them have shut down on me at this point, none of them will speak to me, so I’m trying hard to figure out how to go about it. I’ve sent many unanswered messages, but that’s about all I got right now to work with other than prayer.

And all of you :slight_smile:) I’ve tried to speak with several mutual friends but it’s pointless unless they’re children of God/followers of Christ, which I’ve yet to find one that is. Even when you find one you think is, which is 1 person out of a 100 roughly, they turn out to be a poser by showing no true regard for God’s word :frowning:

So I basically feel like I’m dealing with a bunch of Antichrists, you know people against Christ, Anti-Christs, people with the same satanic world mindset that got Christ hung on the cross. People that have normalized evil and are blind. People that are backwards do to Satan. It’s opposite day all day long with people of worldly satanic nature. They think what’s wrong is right and what’s right is wrong, Satan is such a fool and his battlefield is in the minds of men and women.

That old fiery red dragon, serpent of old, father of lies, Lucifer, poser of light that wants to be God might be laughing his sinister twisted laugh now, but God is going to show him. Looks like my other replies above ^ didn’t have you tagged, sorry about that.

They most likely have antichrist as one of their demons; in a sense they are people whom God loves, but they have been deceived big time and have many open doors because of their beliefs, that the enemy just loads them up They need heart transplants. The heart of Jesus for their deceived hearts. pray that the Holy Spirit will descend on them and shine his light in every alcove of their hearts and show them GOd’s

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The enemy activated in them does not want them free. He will keep them hostage to false beliefs as long as they make those beliefs their idol, which is usually the case with New ageDenialand pride will work togethe to keep them slaves unless somehing major happens where they truly want Gods truth.

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I hope it doesn’t come to that. I hope my efforts are a big enough wake up call, I am afraid it will just backfire though. In two of the three cases they really are after healing, but it’s all nonsense, nothing gets healed, they just chase spiritual harlots and all this junk instead of Christ and actually have become certified healers themselves from some harlot, which is a complete joke because none of the three even get along, they all despise each other, one moved overseas and hasn’t been home in years, no unity at all, they’ve turned on one another. In the other case the last words spoke to me were this “witchcraft is better than bandwagon Christianity” which is just absurd because she knows all about the difference between “bandwagon Christianity” and the real thing. Anyway, those were one of their last words to me, ughhh.

Its interesting how witches do’n.t always get along we have had many plants over the years and they seem to have a hierarchy as to notice and rewards from the enemy You would think they would work together but they dont and hold each other in contempt like a reverse of the apostles asking Jesus which of them was the greatest Leave them at the feet of Jesus There is a timing issue in this as well, plus you could be dealing with dissociations or full on multiple personalities. which makes it way more complex Follow God in it.

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To be more specific this is a family of a mother and two daughters. The father has passed. One strange thing about the two daughters is they both have visions or memories of being raped/molested but have never been able to pinpoint it, whether it’s real and who did it from their early youth. Upon researching exorcisms I’ve found rape/molestation to be a common theme among demonic possession. The other part is how much junk the mother has passed down to them and taught them. It’s so bizarre because the daughters even among all this foolishness, which evil is always pure foolishness, they both wear small crosses around their necks quite often.

Another strange thing that happened with the daughter who said “witchcraft is better than bandwagon Christianity” is she got in a near death car accident awhile back, she’s alright thank God and didn’t get hurt. Another car smashed into her head on and the bumper went through the windshield and landed inches from her face. After this happened the craziest thing was said to her by her therapist whom she dropped immediately after. Her therapist told her she brought that accident into her life. Now I think that’s a awful thing to say, I have to wonder though how awful of a person she must be though for her own therapist to say that to her.

That is interesting and could very well have happened which would cause them to split personalites where they have this really strong feeling that they were molested but cannot remember the specifics You can have one part that loves God and wears a cross and other parts that the enemy has gotten in thru the trauma and The enemy has a legal right to come and go because they havent received healing from God or they have no awareness that they are splitSound like they have major occult strongholds from the Mother.

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Hi @Wolfgang,

as you requested; I’ve read through this conversation thread. I don’t have any experience in witnessing to Satanists; and this sounds like a very difficult situation. I have heard from a fellow believer that did lead someone who was a professing Satanist to Christ; that it was the ‘heaviest’ draining thing they did.

As with talking to anyone about Jesus; it’s the Holy Spirit that convicts the person of sin, righteous and judgment. (John 16:8) We are just to sow the seed of the Gospel and leave the results to God. in fact, this can help when we feel discouraged and not seeing any results because the promise is that God’s Word will not return void; but will accomplish that which it (Isaiah 55:11)

It seems Biblically that Christians are not called to perform exorcisms.

also, in reference to the ‘spirit of antichrist’ I’m not sure that it is a particular demon, as such, but rather the prevailing philosophies of the world that are against Christ generally. or perhaps a zeitgeist; (defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history,) if you will.

Perhaps, actually God will step in and provide this wake up call. Perhaps a severe car accident, a (seemingly occult) therapist that claims she caused the car crash will be this wake up call. God will sometimes use severe circumstances to get peoples attention; because He loves them and wants them to turn to Him. Pray that God will move strongly in these ladies circumstances to get their attention in any way necessary that will show to them the evil they are involved in.

In terms of your own efforts; I think when we feel the weakest; there is the most room for God to work through us. This way God gets the glory for people coming to Christ; and we realise that actually without Him we can do nothing of eternal value at all (John 15:5 where Jesus uses the picture of the vine and the branches).

An article from the Gospel Coalition provides a good summary about the roots of the movement.

and I found the questions to ask here quite interesting ones and some additional information in the article below.

Questions You Can Ask

  • What’s your spiritual background?
  • What influenced your decision to become a Satanist?
  • What excites you most about being a Satanist?
  • What aspect of Satanism makes you the most uncomfortable?
  • Have you ever considered the possibility that Jesus was just as opposed to the religious establishment as you are?
  • Do you ever feel judged by others for rejecting the existence of God? If so, how does that make you feel?
  • Have you ever considered the possibility that you could be wrong and that there is a God who loves you?
  • Do you think there is a difference between “religion” and a “relationship” with God? Why or why not?
  • Has anyone ever explained the gospel to you?

I will pray for you and the ladies you are reaching.

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Practically speaking, Ravi has an excellent teaching on Let My People Think about New Age beliefs.

I hope you can link to it from here.

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Absolutely. What you are up against is no joke. I am currently weighing my options as to how to handle a person I think is a Satanist but is representing themselves as a Christian. I do not want to be foolish. So pray for me as well. There is also someone at my apartment complex that I tried to share the gospel with which I think is what I was supposed to do, but after a lot of thought and prayer about what he was saying which were things that were very very strange about Jesus and such I think the answer is that he is a compulsive liar and what I said irritated him because I was speaking truth. He also may get violent at some point based on something he said. I feel God wants me to back off for the time being and just letting him see how I am.

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Thank you everyone. An article put out by USA Today nearly two years ago states in Italy alone there are some 500,000 exorcisms performed annually to meet the demand, which is way up and rising. I never knew what an epidemic this is. The article also cites exorcisms to be a booming business in the UK etc.

I’m really trying to determine if they’re aware of what they’re doing and in rebellion or just completely brainwashed, probably a mix. I do know they’re incapable of honesty, which is a natural thing when dealing with the very source of all lies, the inventor of such. There seems to be a lot of layers. My conclusion is, just like what they do to soldiers that go through boot camp after joining the military, everything needs to be torn down and rebuilt with a proper foundation. Time and time again throughout my life I’ve seen people throw away the Holy Bible because A. They attended a corrupt church in their youth. And B. They somehow come to the conclusion the Bible has been tampered with, added to and taken from etc. It’s such a difficult thing to overcome, especially when additional traits of demonic possession and/or influence is extreme stubbornness like that of a mule and obviously blindness.

Will be praying for you Jesse. It’s such a ridiculous thing to deal with.

Hi Wolfgang, Ravi Zacarias has some insights into this in a very detailed manor. Check out his videos as they will help point to the issues you are brining up.