Prayer request for my son Donald

My son Donald tested positive for the virus me and my wife tested negative
My son is
quarantine in his room
He will get retested later this week


Hello Steven @sra1961. I understand the physical and mental stress you must be going through. I have prayed for your son Donald. I will continue to pray for him in my daily quiet time.

Stay strong in the Lord, our our Redeemer, our Rock, our peace, our strength, our refuge, our comfort and our hope.


Welcome to connect @sra1961. Prayers have been sent. We are glad you are here. Those are tough situations to endure. I trust everything will come out good. Please enjoy the some of the discussions that maybe of comfort to you during this time of concern and care. God-bless you and your journey.


Thank you SIR

Greetings Steven,

When struggle becomes our daily bread, grace abounds greater yet.
A great blessing to find comfort in the Lord during such a time as your family is in now. May this experience for Donald draw him close to the Lord who made him in His image. God loves your son more than anyone and the situation is real, as is God’s love for you guys in it.

Remember not to not panic. Quarantine is just isolation for a period. Watch for how symptoms progress and get medical care if required. The condition varies depending on the strain of virus and the individual’s immune system. We have had near a dozen close friends have COVID now and all recovered well. There are cases where some damage can continue, but those are rare. Be calm in this.

I had my son Micah in isolation a couple weeks ago. He was exposed to COVID in his class in school. But he didn’t show signs over the isolation period and had not fell ill. The strange part is how with my son’s aged children, the virus lies undetected for weeks or never becomes symptomatic at all. All of this is new ground for everyone. Don’t be overwhelmed, God is still in control.

I will be praying over you guys in this.

God bless,

Ken :canada:

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