Prayer request for Myself & Family

Just asking once again for prayer for me and my family. My insurance was cut and now I’m not sure how I’m going to get my medication regarding my asthma. I seriously need my rescue inhaler. My nephew’s insurance has been cut as well meaning we have to figure out how to pay for his adhd medication. Medications like these are not something you’re supposed to just stop since it deals with chemicals in the brain. So please pray for him the most he’s just a kid.

Things seem to be getting harder and harder. Less and less of unity and more drama and anxiety. Please keep us in prayer that we can at least catch a break and be able to work together.


I certainly will be praying for you!


I am praying also that He would supply all that you need.

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Thanks for the prayers. We manged to get my meds and my nephews! :blush:


God is always a provider. Hallelujah.

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:raised_hands: Continuing to pray, Luna! :pray:

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