Prayer Request RVH

(Hyde Gardner) #1

Hi Brothers and Sister’s,
Please join my church in praying for one of our members. He recently had a paragliding accident, thankfully he was not hurt however he had seizure which in turn cause a scan of his brain revealing a large lump that is slkw growing they beleive it is a cancer, it is close to the surface which will make it easier to remove. He is a faithful brother in Christ. His name is Rueben Van Haaren.

Thank you all.

(Andrew Bulin) #2

Quick question: was the cancerous growth there before the accident or caused by the accident? If the former, could it be that they would not have noticed it except for the fact that this person had an accident?

(Daniel Anaba) #3

Hello @HydeeG
We are with Reuben Van Haaren in prayers. I pray that he will receive his healing and total transformation to the glory of God. He is healed in Jesus name.

(Hyde Gardner) #4

Thank you. Amen, all to the glory of God. <3

(Hyde Gardner) #5

Hi Andrew, no it wasn’t caused by the accident but thankfully it was found due to the checking for any damage. God is so merciful. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your prayers.

(Hyde Gardner) #6

Hi All,
Reuben has had his surgery and they believe they have taken 95% of it. He is in good spirits the day of his surgery, he was awake and eating and also cracking jokes.

Thank you for your prayers. God is so very merciful with us.

(Curran Harms) #7


(Hyde Gardner) #8

Thank you.

(Daniel Anaba) #9

Praying for him to receive his total healing.