Prayer Room

I am involved in the youth ministry at my local church. We want to open a prayer room on the third floor of our church (the floor that is used for all the youth activities). Anyone who has this type of ministry in your church: how do you use a prayer room? Any ideas of what to keep in the room, when to use it, etc. would be greatly appreciated!


@Sgpage I recommend researching The IHOP prayer room in Kansas city. They have a lovely system called harp and bowl. Basically they have a time of worship then prayer. Here is their website:


@Sgpage My Church has a whole prayer ministry that I am a part of and I love it!

We have a meeting called The Well on Wednesday nights where we pray for requests shared by Church members, spend an hour or two in worship, have a communion table available for anyone who would like to partake and offer the opportunity for people to be prayed over by a group of fellow believers if they need. Often we will invite an individual / family / representative of organization who really needs prayer and pray for them at the end of the service as a whole group.

We also have a prayer retreat where we teach folks to pray called Quiet Waters. And on Sundays we have prayer teams that pray for the everyone serving and attending throughout the service.

I think a weekly prayer meeting would be a great place to start and see who would be interested. One thing our leader Danny noticed when he was first launching the ministry was that worship really made a huge difference between a prayer meeting that people struggled to stay awake through and a prayer meeting that engaged the heart. So having a rhythm of worship, pray, share, worship - the worship helps people open their hearts and stay engaged.