Praying for the dead

In my Bible study group each week we have the opportunity to write down prayer requests so that we can pray for each other. In this group we are not to discuss our church affiliation. We follow Biblical teaching but this week two people requested prayer for loved ones who have already passed. Is there anywhere in scripture where we are told to pray for the dead? I have been taught and I believe that once you are gone from this life, your spirit is with the Lord if you have accepted God’s gift of grace through Jesus Christ. Please let me know where this thinking comes from.
Thank you!


It comes from the Roman Catholic practice of praying for the souls in purgatory to be released to heaven.

There is no precedent for this in the Bible - the belief you articulated is consistent with New Testament teachings on the afterlife.


Here are a couple of articles that might be of help.


Having grown up in the Catholic Church these answers are spot on. Not really knowing the whole council of the word it seemed ok till I read, studied the whole Bible.


Thank you all for your insights and I appreciate the information/links provided.