pre-Adamic races are decended from Satan?

Hi, I’m not sure if this should go under Science questions, but here goes.

Some background; we are doing some paid facebook advertising for an Answers in Genesis visit to our church; and in order to try and reach some new people we asked three questions to try to get people thinking. The first two, obviously are the two origins questions of a worldview.

How do you think the universe came into existence?

How do you think human life began?

Were Adam and Eve literal people? Are all people descended from them?

In one conversation thread; I was chatting on facebook with a gentlemen (whom I think is a Christian) and the conversation went like this.

Gentlemen: (posted article: and said nothing.

Response: very interesting article. so if I understand it correctly, this is from the perspective of theistic evolution? interesting the suggestion that Adam was not the father of Cain; I would have thought that Genesis 4:1 was pretty clear.

One question that comes to mind:

If we know that all humans today are morally accountable for their actions before God, whereas animals are not,
at what point in the historical timeline did these pre-Adamic races become morally accountable. The Fall account states that Adam and Eve sinned, and death passed upon all man, for all have sinned. (Romans 5:12)

were the “Neanderthalensis, Rhodesiensis, Floriensis and Habilus et al” morally accountable before Creator God, or were they animals?

What are your thoughts on Christ being the second Adam? (; does this mean that Christ has not died for non-Adamic races?

yeah its a pretty out there perspective but I cannot help but be intrigued by the level of attention to detail and how it seems to align with the concept of epigenetics.

there is another article within the same network that may shed some light on the origins of Cain.…/the-origins…/

by the logic of the author of these articles, when scripture references “Man” it is specifically referring to the descendants of Adam, I’m yet to discover if there is some kind of threshold of adamic genetics that would adhere one to accountability before God.

regarding Neanderthalensis n’ Pals, that is a particularly complicated question given that the people that dictate the public consensus in science, including genetics, would prefer that anything relating to God andor the truth of Scripture be erased from the world.
what this boils down to is its hard to determine if the scientifically recognized pre-human genetic iterations are even real, let alone how they fit into the framework proposed by these articles or the nature of their obligation to God.

regarding your last link, It is a very interesting concept as its presented in the article, though in terms of how it fits the concepts laid out in the links ive sent, one could consider the creation of an “Adam” being an assertion upon a part of the animal kingdom by God, the first being the Creation of Man by adding the light of God to an animal, the second being a form of Recreation of Man via the coming of Jesus and his Teachings, redeeming a species that had fallen Back into the animal kingdom via excessive degeneracy and genetic contamination.

one could extrapolate from the aforementioned that the Third Adam (2nd coming of Jesus) would only occur once the Entire (Adamic) Species has fallen from grace and back into animalistic ways.

Response: I have to say the articles do seem a little out there; it appears the author of that article changes Genesis to symbolism, and proceeds to change the Spiritual teachings of Jesus (generation of vipers) in the New Testament to physical to support his position?

My main issue with the view “Adam” being part of the animal kingdom, and then having the light of God making him human; is that Genesis 2:7 specifically says God made man from the dust.

The other thing; and it’s probably just a misunderstanding of what you are saying as Jesus being a re-creation of man; Jesus explicitly claimed to be eternal Creator God (specifically the second person of the Trinity) come as a human; and the Apostle John was clear about this in John 1:1-14.

regarding epigenetics; I don’t know enough to comment sensibly; i’ll just be displaying my ignorance in this area (and a couple of smiley faces for good measure)

My question is this; does the view that pre-Adamic races are descended from Satan, who tempted Eve to sin sexually way outside the umbrella of Christian orthodoxy? I wasn’t sure if it’s a mixture of one of the non-Concordist view points and theistic evolution. Just seemed very strange when I first read it.

I’m not concerned personally; as the conversation was very congenial; but it is something I’ve never come across before.

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if interested; the rest of the conversation was very constructive; and it’s good to think through these things together.

Gentleman; I agree re the whole first paragraph, it kind of turns both elements on their head when it comes to the figurative/literal scale vs the common norm.

re Dust vs Ascendancy, That might have actually been a misunderstanding or miscommunication on my part.

yeah regarding the “recreation of man” that was bad phrasing on my part, Jesus was and Is God the Creator and the second of three regarding the trinity,
the “recreation of Man” was actually in relation to the intended Effect of Jesus’s time on earth, to recreate and redeem Mankind from the pit it had descended itself into; Not that Jesus Himself was a recreation of Man, as that would make him Subordinate to Man, and thats just wrong lol, we are subordinate to Him.

Response: yep totally agree; Jesus came to make spiritually dead people alive; to provide a way of salvation as we cannot save ourselves and cannot ‘fix’ our sin nature; and to provide the way to be back in relationship with God.

I do kinda get what you mean by ‘falling back into animalistic ways’; I liked how theBibleProject guys phrase it; without God, man does become more and more like beasts (as in Romans 1; more debased in thinking). Just thinking of the account of Nebuchadnezzar; where God humbled him…

anyway, great conversation; it’s good to think through these things… :slight_smile: thankyou for the chat. :+1:

Gentleman: i feel like we’re completely on the same page now :smiley:

Twas a great conversation! Cheers and God Bless!

be interested in comments on any part of the conversation; just for my own learning as well. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: