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Pre-adomite hypothosis

A friend has begun to ask me about the pre-Adamite hypothesis. I would really like to hear thoughts from a trusted source, RZIM.


A good question, @Ter!

If you mean the view that people lived before Adam, I would say that it contradicts Genesis 3:20 which says that Eve was the mother of all living.

Also, I Corinthians 15:45 calls Adam “the first man.” That is consistent with the Genesis 2 account of the creation of man which begins by saying in verse 5 that there was not a man to till the ground. And the whole reason that Eve was created was because it was not good for Adam to be alone.

Could a really creative person who was determined to believe a strange theory find ways to work around all of these and many other scriptures? Oh, yes - always. But forcing the Bible to agree with one’s pet view is not a productive way to approach the scriptures.

I do hope that your friend will be able to see this.


Teri, what does your friend believe?

Thank you for asking this question Brendan, that would be a good way for me to start the conversation with her. She’s a Christian that I’ve served with in ministry for a few years now, someone who’s exhibited a Christlike spirit and Godly wisdom. She moved a way last year and we only connect throught social media and occasionally a texting. I was very surprised to see her make some posts to this Adamic hypothises, as a reason for racial tension and for people to educate themselves and check it out. Does she believe this or is she, like many, searching for answers to the current racial tensions? I’ve got to get better at asking questions.

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Thank you James, the answer to this hypothesis needs to be found in God’s word. I appreciate you taking the time to share these scriptures.

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