Precious P. Ayawei

Say hello… Hello

Where are you from? I’m from Nigeria

What led you to join Connect? Seeking to connect with Christian apologists from Nigeria and around the globe

How do you hope to contribute? By asking questions and giving suggestions when I have any.

Many thanks,



Hi Precious, so glad to welcome you to connect from USA. Look forward to learning and growing with you in apologetics and reasoning? Have you :eyes: around much at the multitude of unique Q&A here in the forum? Be safe and take care


@Ayawei_Preye Welcome to Connect, Precious! We are glad you are here and hope you will find many points of connection with fellow believers here as we grow in our faith and witness, developing together as apologists and evangelists! I hope you will be able to feel settled here quickly, asking questions to discuss with this global community and sharing prayerful responses as you think and study alongside us.


Precious… I love your name!

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Thanks Mike, I’m grateful to be here. Looking forward to learning and communicating with the community.

Yes, I have seen the Q&As here. They’re brilliant and thought provoking.

I’m excited.

Cheers :clinking_glasses:


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Liz,

I’m glad I’m here :rose::rose:


Welcome to connect. I am glad that you are searching for other Nigerian apologists. You might want to reach out to @WorshipGod. He is a regular here at connect and from Nigeria. I hope you guys gets connect. God-bless you and your journey.

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Thank you Keldon.

Thanks for your recommendation as well.

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