Predestination at birth

I am more of an armeaninist but if we had to consider predestination from a calvinists perspective, would God not predestine who to be born based on whether they would choose him.


If I understand you correctly you are saying that God would only allow prededtined humans to be born. If that is correct that would be contrary to 5 point Calvinism which hangs it’s hat on the idea that Jesus did not die for everyone.
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@Michael_Ryan Great question :slight_smile: I also am not a Calvinist, though I would not call myself Armenian either.

My understanding of the Calvinist’s position is that they believe God is glorified both by the salvation of the elect and by the judgment of the non-elect. Therefore, God receives glory both by saving some and by judging those He has not saved. Now, I find this view disturbing because it implies God is glorified by creating people He has no intention of saving and then judging them, but I also respect people who have done their best to wrestle with the Biblical text and come to this conclusion.

Hence, allowing non-elect babies to be born would ultimately bring glory to God according to the Calvinist. Again, this view really disturbs me at a very deep level and I do not think Scripture teaches it. But I think that is the answer you would receive.

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Thanks I will give those a read.

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