Preeti Sharma Masih

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Hello, RZIM Connect Fam. Myself Preeti Sharma Masih

Where are you from?
I am from Delhi - NCR (INDIA)

What led you to join Connect?
I am hindu born again girl and passionate lover of Jesus. I got saved through a divine dream which led me into water baptism and Holyspirit baptism in 2008. I share the burden for lost souls and want to serve others by sharing the love of our good good Father.
My dear friend Akshay introduced me about RZIM considering my evengelism call.

How do you hope to contribute?
Coming from a different faith gave me an experience how to approach people by love, honour and work on their thought process and win them for Jesus. I am still learning and looking ahead to get motivated by all of you during our call to serve others. I was also praying to Heavenly daddy to connect me with right people in the body of Christ. So, I am greatful to be part of this global family.
God bless you all :heart:


Helll @swtprtsharma0

Welcome to RZIM Connect.

Praise God that you experience the love of Jesus and grab the Truth.

We are looking forward to hear from you. :heart::innocent:


Welcome to Connect Preeti! We are glad to have you join us to learn more from one another about our Holy God. We look forward to you sharing your thoughts! God bless you sister! :blush:


Welcome aboard @swtprtsharma0. So glad to have you coming to connect and helping. I love the heart that you display for evangelism, so I am glad your friend recommended you to this site. I pray that your influence here will be helpful to all those who need insight as well as prayer. I pray that you will remain safe and will carry the torch from India into connect. God-bless you and your journey.


wow! This was very encouraging for me this morning. Thank you for sharing!


Welcome Preeti, I for one and I am sure would love to hear your full testimony of Jesus and your salvation experience.

May your walk be enriched as well as ours by your input and ours.
Be safe and secure in these times.


Hi Preeti,

Welcome to connect. I am new here too, but am loving the questions that people are asking and the backgrounds people share. I am intrigued by your testimony, and would love to hear more. I traveled to India in 2003 for the purpose of sharing Jesus with people in Nellore, just outside of Chennai. It was an amazing experience and God did incredible things. It is very fun to see how God moves in different parts of the world.

While I was there, I met a woman in a village who was being tormented by a demon. She said that a local priest or witch doctor made a necklace for her to keep the spirit from tormenting her, and as long as she kept wearing it, she would be fine. I shared that Jesus is bigger than demons and the necklace was an idol, and as long as she was wearing it the demon would not harm her because she is being kept from Christ. I told her that if she loved Christ that the Holy Spirit would indwell her and remove any fear from this demon. By the love of Christ, she removed the necklace and threw it into a field and accepted Christ. I learned so much from being there. God really showed me just how powerful his Spirit is.



Thankyou @kevmarchael for heartiest welcome and yes you are right.
I am also looking forward to share how the Spirit of the Lord moves to leads orphans to only one truth, Jesus Christ.


Thankyou @mgaplus4 for warm welcome.
I would love to do that for the glory of our God. Looking ahead for that.

Thankyou @RussellP.
Our God is so good.


Yes @Keldon_Scott.

Thankyou for warm welcome in this global family of body of Christ. I am more than honoured to be part of RZIM Connect. Looking forward to learn and share my inputs in the future. You all are amazing!!


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Indeed @gchop
Thankyou for accepting me part of this Global family of Christ. There is no doubt this will be uplifting for each other for one reason to go more deeper in God’s understanding and His love.



Thankyou so much @domingoosabel.

Yes, Jesus’s great love caught this stubborn girl (haha) in supernatural way and made me to love Him, like nobody else. I am so glad to have Him for eternity.

Jesus is the Lord.



Welcome to the group Preeti.

I look forward to reading more of your posts.

God bless you.

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Welcome Preeti,
may you be blessed and nurtured in this community! Lots of loving sweet souls who are lovers of Jesus here! I loved reading your testimony,
God bless you, Angela WG


I have followed Ravi for about t 15 years in live events and on christian broadcasts.

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Thankyou @boyabayo

God bless you too :slight_smile:

Thankyou @awebstergfor warm welcome and encouragement.

Yes, I am going to use every opportunity to learn from you all :heart:

Thankyou so much.
God bless.

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Sure @Adra mam!

Looking ahead to hear from you for insightful journey with God.

God bless you!

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Hi Preeti, welcome indeed to connect. As a Canadian girl, raised on a farm, where going to church twice on Sunday’s and in between too, I am excited to hear the stories of those who have been brought to our Lord from another faith. Church twice on Sunday’s and in between too only bred habit in me and did not grow a fully devoted follower of Jesus. When God calls us out of the darkness we are in, you and I and so many others are united as family across this globe.
Be blessed. Thanks for sharing a part of your story and your heart.