Presuppositional Apologetics: What is it and how do we use it?

Hey guys,

I’ve been following this guy named Sye Ten Bruggencate on Facebook, he’s known for his apologetics video titled, “How to Answer a Fool”. He is also one of the spokemen for Presuppositional Apologetics,

What is that method and how do we use it?

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I’ve heard all his lectures and videos and my impression is this: it is basically witnessing and appealing to the consciences of other people on the basis of the truth that God has placed eternity in the hearts of each human. it assumes that everyone already has a personal small amount of knowledge of the reality of God but each of us supresses that knowledge. it is evangelism that does not rely on any type of evidence to persuade them to trust in God, but rather tries to explain that the existence of God is completely logical, metaphysical. the fact that intangible things exist like logic, love, math prove God’s existence because whether we are aware of them they still exist and always have. somehow that proves God always existed also. it attacks the foundational belief of evolution’s premise that everything in the universe exists due to enough time and random chance which is illogical. When an evolutionist ever tries to act like they are certain life will carry on like yesterday they are violating that basic belief of random chance creating what we have and instead are borrowing from the universal, never changing reality of ‘conformity and continuation of nature’ which can best be explained by the Bible alone which says God upholds all things by His mighty power and word. Metaphysical concepts like logic and math exist apart from time. What in the universe claims to exist apart from time except for eternal God? therefore God exists. they also say that even though we all have at least a spark of knowing God exists it is impossible to fully know Him intimately unless God graciously grants us repentance. The best anyone can do is humbly beg God to mercifully help our eyes to be open to His love, grace and reality.