Hey everyone I have recently been introduced to the view of preterism. It makes so much sense of scripture in my mind. Have tried to study a fair bit on it. Just curious where you guys stand on this. What are the strengths and weaknesses. As far as I can understand even the rapture theory is only approx 200 years old. And was popularized by John Darby. The left behind series of jerry Jenkins and tim lahey. And the scolfield Bible. Some people react quite shocked about the preterism view. And I’ve even had some accuse me of not being a Christian, with this view. But exegetically I think it makes more sense. And context. I know Matt 24 and mark 13 I see him talking about events for them. Even his reference this generation will not pass away. Any way your thoughts? Please don’t brand me a heretic :joy:


@Alive_In_Christ Great question :slight_smile: Full preterism, or the idea that the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD by the Romans was Jesus second and final return, is generally considered to be outside orthodoxy. Partial-preterism, which does see the events of 70 AD as the fulfillment of many but not all mentions of Jesus’ second coming, is within orthodoxy. Basically, orthodox Christians hold that Jesus will return again, but there is still room within orthodoxy to believe that the events of 70 AD did fulfill many of the prophecies about Christ coming soon and Jerusalem being surrounded by armies.

I believe in one form of partial-preterism and agree with you that it makes more sense of Scripture. I learned a lot from Steve Gregg on this topic. I was taught pre-mil in seminary and as I learned more I was disappointed by the sloppiness of the arguments often made for that position, though I am not saying I know I am right. Eschatology is definitely something that I will be studying and learning about my whole life and won’t have the goods on until that day!

Steve Gregg’s Lectures “When Shall These Things Be”

Steve Gregg is quite thorough in his discussion of this topic. As a bonus, you can call into his radio show and he will actually answer your questions.


Awesome thanks

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@Alive_In_Christ Yes indeed - if you want to discuss any particular issues feel free - I enjoy the topic :slight_smile: