I am From India.

I have heard Ravi Sir alot. I am praying and hoping that one day i will get a chance to meet him and be discipled by Him as brother Nabeel did.

I want to get connected with RZIM or if possible work with the organisation for the extension of God’s Kingdom.


Welcome aboard @PRINCE. It is very good to have you joining us here at connect. I hope that you enjoy your time here and find your exploration of the conversations fruitful. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome to Connect @PRINCE! It would be a privilege to work for the RZIM ministry for sure. In the meantime there is a lot going on here in this forum and we would be glad to have you participate in some of the many conversations as you feel led. We are so glad you have joined us! God bless you! :blush:


Thank you sir

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Hello Sir and Ma’am, Can you please let me know if there is any distance programs that RZIM offers to do online?

Hi @PRINCE, welcome to connect. As you engage here in connect, I trust you will find you ARE “working with” an extension of RZIM :slightly_smiling_face: But I know what you mean. It would be the gift of a lifetime to actually serve along side him in person. And Nabeel, WOW, what a gift he was to us! :heart: His legacy in Christ is still impacting the world. So, should you make RZIM connect a place to engage often, you too can make an impact by sharing your knowledge and insight into conversations that are being read all over the globe :globe_with_meridians:
Wow, I just preached to myself :laughing:


Yes, RZIM does offer long distance learning. I am currently enrolled in my second course. The first course you would be required to take is the Core Module. You can find the RZIM Academy at:

I hope you are able to access the site!

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@PRINCE Nice to meet you!

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Nice meeting you sir @joncarp

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