Priorities of the believer

What would be your advise to a new believer on this? You may say depends on circumstances, availability, level of maturity etc… but just as a start, what should be the acceptable practice if there’s one?

How much time, effort and resources to spend among the 3 things listed below? You may quantify by putting a percentage to each. Which should be the highest priority where 1 being the 1st and 3 the least. And lastly, why you say so?

  • Bible study - deepen knowledge & understanding of the Word
  • Ministry - involvement in service
  • Worship - being in God’s presence

Thank you for your time and honest views!


I think this this is a wonderful question and a question that we have all had somewhere in our journey with the Lord.

I think on your scale it’s a 1, because once we have taken that first step of faith it is important to grow in our understanding of who God is and what should our response be to this new found faith. As believers we believe that that can be found in scripture. I would add a very close second is fellowship ( a 4th item) with other believer this can include worship but having an accountability partner (someone to talk to) outside the formality of church is in my opinion extreme helpful.

Your scale 2. Because this is the results of a proper understand of your point 1.

This is a 3 on your scale. Ultimately we are all called to a ministry but I believe that God in his good time will call each believer when they are ready and this is more likely to happen as result of the proper understanding and application of items 1 and 2.

My thoughts.

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Thank you brother @Jimmy_Sellers for sharing your time and views. Appreciate it! It gives clarity to what a Christian should prioritise. It saddens me as I observed some churches prefer to spend its time & resources doing other non-essential activities without being deeply grounded first in the Scripture. Some Christians believe they know the Word but if you ask about “foundation principles” of the Bible, they’re struggling to explain. They’re accustomed of doing more service and to be in His presence, concluding that both are enough.

But Jesus said in John 17:17 “sanctify them by Your Truth. Your word is truth”