I was born in Japan (MK). Live in Seattle. Have been involved with RZIM for many years. Joining to stream UAI 2020.


Hello Priscilla, I am sure you have gained much over your time with RZIM. Many great people to interact with here also. Stay tuned and check the threads for your topics on interest.

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Welcome aboard @Pjknoble. Thank you for coming alongside us here at to connect. Thank you for your previous involvement as well. I hope you enjoy. God-bless you and your journey.

Welcome to Connect Priscilla! Born in Japan are you then native to Japan? I just ask because not everyone born there is native, as was our son who was born while we were in Okinawa. My husband and I are Americans but spent some time and Okinawa and traveled from Tokyo to home several times. The people in Japan are just lovely. We loved our time spent there. We are so glad you have joined this community sister and look forward to any knowledge or experiences you have to share. :blush:

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Hi Carrie, Thanks. Born in Japan, but an MK. My mom went over after the war and my dad a few years later. They met and married there. My brother and I were born in Tokyo and grew up there, going to CAJ (Christian Academy in Japan). If you were in Okinawa, then perhaps you were military? We used to go to Kadena for the Far East Basketball Tournament every few years. Lovely island.
I’ve been involved with RZIM for now going on perhaps 15 or 16 years. It’s an amazing ministry.

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Hello Priscilla, it’s such a pleasure to meet you! :bouquet: