Proselytizing Evangelism

(Rebecca Fohner) #22

Thank you for your response! I have wondered how I share my faith without “proselytizing.” What I have found frustrating is often the same person who accuses me of proselytizing because I’m sharing what I believe will then go telling me what I ought to believe. So thank you for sharing this.

We also have to be careful to share the truth in love. And we also have to remember we cannot lead people to Christ of our own strength whatsoever. We simply need to obey Him.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #23

Hey man! So sorry for misunderstanding what you asked. I get what proselytizing is (and isn’t). I guess I was attempting to respond to this:

So then…is your question should we (Christians) proselytize? Or should we (Christians) evangelize? Or should we differentiate and/or explain the two? Or am I still off and the question is something else?

Again, please forgive me for my confusion.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #25

I’m in :100: accord! Again, I so apologize for the misunderstanding. I thought that there was a question in there. But thanks so much for raising the thought! Blessings, man!

(Dean Schmucker) #26

Its not a religion to be converted to, but an introduction, by the power of the Spirit, to the Eternally alive Jesus Christ, with whom they will have to give account.