Protecting the innocent

what method of protection is acceptable in defending your home, and family (children and senior parents) present from violence

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First let me say that I am not a security expert, but I am a husband and a father so I do have interest and responsibility in protecting loved ones. I am also a hunter and shooter so I am familiar with the deadliness of firearms.

My son is a deputy with the sheriff’s department and tells me about criminals and their behavior. Recently I was able to tour the sheriff’s training facility and take part in some firearm use training. All of my peers ended up shot in the training simulation. I survived, but in one simulation I shot a bystander while shooting a criminal. You just don’t have any time to react in some of the simulations. It is pretty scary. Cops have an almost impossible job.

I think the first thing is situational awareness. Stay away from dangerous areas. Especially be careful at night. Criminal activity is greater in the dark.

The second is to just being alert. Pay attention to what is going on around you. Stop texting and talking on the phone.

Third is to have an escape plan. Be aware of where you and your loved ones can go to be safe. Have that in your mind.

When at home think of the above as well.

Remember your home and contents can be replaced. Buy insurance to avoid a catastrophic loss.

Design your security at home mainly to protect you from violence and discourage criminals.

Know your neighbors and keep an eye on them and share information. Set up a perimeter of your home to discourage criminals. Lock your doors. Install a burglar alarm connected to police. Install cameras and put a sign in front of your home saying that your home is protected by a monitored alarm system.

With the above system in place I have never had theft or violence at my home.

Now if you get into a situation where you are facing violence, you have not only the moral right to defend yourself and loved ones, but also the moral obligation.

I think if you and loved ones can flee then do so.

If you have to fight you have to eliminate the threat of injury. Whether you are in hand to hand combat or armed combat you have to eliminate the threat. That does not mean that you have to kill or even seriously injure someone. You just have to stop them from hurting you so that you can escape from harm.

Some of us can physically overpower or outfight an assailant in hand to hand combat. Some of us need pepper spray to assist in threat elimination. Pepper spray is good and widely used. My son has used pepper spray on several occasions in his law enforcement duties.

There are also stun guns and tasers, but I am not familiar with their use.

Deadly weaponry may be an option if the assailant has a weapon or if by their physical size or your physical size that is the only option. Being attacked at your own home is on an whole other level than being attacked elsewhere because it is such a bold and unlawful act.

If you are using any type of firearm to defend yourself you need to become proficient in its use. Keep in mind that your adrenaline will be off the charts in any attack so you have to be practiced in what you are going to do. I took a firearm course recently and the instructor said it takes an average of 12 bullets before a police officer hits the intended target. It should not surprise us then to learn that officers may have fired 30 times at an assailant which sounds like overuse of force, but in the heat of the moment it took that many to hit the target 2 times.

Firearms can cause heavy collateral damage. You don’t want to shoot a loved one while defending yourself from an assailant. Bullets from a handgun easily pass through walls and still remain deadly. Many people don’t realize this. Modern walls are mainly two pieces of sheetrock on either side. There is very little wood. Don’t stand behind a wall thinking you are safe. Most modern doors are hollow. You have to know what is behind your target so as not to injure others. Centerfire rifle bullets can pass through wood and still be deadly. A 2 X 4 or solid wood door is nothing against a 30 caliber centerfire rifle. Training is necessary here and I would get some training in self defense from your local police if possible.


Thank you for this informative post. I just took a basic concealed carry class and some of this was discussed.
Thank God that He is our final Defender!

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You’re welcome, Carmen.

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