Proverbs 21 verse 14

Hi everyone
I need help in translating a Bible verse proverbs 21 verse 14.

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@Ronparker The NET Bible has some notes on translating this verse that you could check out. Do you have a question about the meaning of the verse or just the translation?

Prov 22:24 - A gift given in secret subdues anger, and a bribe given secretly subdues strong wrath.

Would you explain both, please

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@Ronparker My understanding is that if someone is very angry - possibly a judge or more powerful individual in the ancient near eastern context - their anger can be pacified by a gift given secretly. A gift given openly often brings more honor to the giver rather than the receiver, but a gift given in secret shows that the giver is not trying to manipulate or receive honor for themselves. It might also shame the receiver if done in public - but not 100% sure on that… A bit reminiscent of when Jesus said we are to pray in secret in the pursuit of God’s favor, rather than in public for the favor of other people.