Psychology and hypnotism

I’ve tried to find scriptures in the Bible and so far I have had no luck. I am wanting to know if there are scriptures in the Bible relating to psychology and hypnotism. If anyone can help me, I certainly would appreciate it. God bless you all. Thank you, Tina from Texas (a.k.a. Baby Christian).
On a completely different subject, my mother is in the hospital with COPD and anemia. They cannot, as of yet, find out where she’s losing the blood and where it’s going. She just celebrated her 77th birthday. I am asking for sincere prayers for her health. At first I started freaking out and then once I had a chance to sit quietly and talk to my heavenly father, I could turn loose of some of the worry. I am concerned, but I know it is ALL in gods hands and that gives me more comfort than anything else. I sincerely thank you for your prayers and may God bless every one that is involved with RZIM!!!


Hi Tina Jo, I’m so sorry to hear the ill news of your mother. She will definitely have my prayers.

Could you clarify what you mean by ‘scriptures relating to psychology and hypnotism in the Bible?’ I’m not sure I understand the question you are seeking answers for.

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I’m thinking that I might benefit by having a therapist just to talk or vent to. My town is very small. Right now we only have about 20 members that come to church. I am sure it would devastate my mother if she knew I was talking to our Preacher or other Church members.
There is A lot of my life that I do not remember, especially my childhood. So I was wondering if I could be hypnotized to help me remember?

Also, I I am not allowed to talk or discuss the Bible with my mother. I don’t have a close relationship with my stepfather and he prefers not to discuss religion. When I tried to talk to mama blood father he told me he probably was demon possessed and that he knows he is going to hell and not to talk about it anymore!At this point, all I know to do is what I am doing which is praying for all of us.

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I meant to say my blood father. Not my mama blood father? Sometimes I forget to proofread my words. Sorry about that.


Hi, @Babychristian! I too am sorry to hear about you mother. Just lifted up a prayer for her (and you…and your relationship with each other!). :slight_smile:

As someone who is training for the counselling profession, I would, of course, encourage you to seek out the support of a counsellor/psychotherapist/psychologist…that is, someone with whom you can process what you’re going through and what you’ve been through in your life. This person may also be able to help you remember some of the things your body has blacked out from your memory. I know there are certain trauma specialists who work with that sort of thing. If you live in a small, remote town, there may not be someone you can talk to there, so you may have to search for people who will do online sessions with you. I always think the most ideal thing in counselling is to have conversation face-to-face, but some counselling online is better than nothing. It sounds like you have a lot in your life to process!

As for hypnotism, for some reason that has always seemed a bit risky to me…like it makes you more susceptible to manipulation. :grimacing: I don’t know if you’ve seen this conversation we had on Connect last summer, but it may be of interest to you. :slight_smile:


I am so sorry to hear of your struggles @Babychristian. I am praying for you and your mom.

I was struck by your comment that there is a lot of your childhood you don’t remember. I, too, struggled with memory issues from my childhood. I remember wondering about hypnosis and possible benefits. What I can tell you is that I derived great benefit from working with a Godly Christian Counselor. Much healing took place in that room in the presence of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and my counselor. I can understand not wanting to necessarily go to your pastor for counseling given that you live in such a small town. Would your pastor be able to recommend a Christian counselor who isn’t necessarily from your town?

I know that I have not really spoken to your question, but I thought I would share from my experience in hopes that you might find it helpful.

May God make His comforting presence known to you right now and in the days going forward. Praying that you can find others in your church to help share this load and that God will provide a skilled professional in the area of retrieving and working through your lost memories.

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@Babychristian, I also would echo the above comments about seeking a professional Christian counselor. In fact, I see one regularly and it has been immensely helpful in my personal life. I think you may hesitate to see one because of the stigma of seeing a therapist, but from my experience, the ages of 40 and younger don’t hold to that view.

As for the scriptures on the subject of psychology, I think they are mum to some extent - meaning they don’t explicitly say do or do not see a counselor. However, there are several passages that encourage us to seek Godly wisdom and counsel. What you’re describing may fall into this category, and if so, would be an encouragement to seek out help from a professional psychologist/counselor.

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Hi @Babychristian, I am so sorry to hear about your mom’s health issues. I along with others will be praying :pray: Please keep us posted.

No you won find, in my opinion psychology is a kind of humanism.

Hello, @humesac! Welcome to the community!

Would you mind expanding a bit on your statement that ‘psychology is a kind of humanism’ and therefore unhelpful? I’d like to understand where you’re coming from and how you understand ‘humanism’. :slight_smile: