Psychopath in the workplace

How do we manage a Psychopath in the workplace? What does the Bible speak about it? Did Jesus have to deal with Psychopaths? Are there psychopaths in the Bible?


Hello, @gjhamilton78! Thanks for coming to Connect with your question. :slight_smile: Before I weigh in, I was curious how you understand psychopath? Do you have certain traits in mind that you struggle to interact with?


I understand psychopath as one without remorse, selfish, lacks empathy but have a superficial charm to attract others. They are insincere but appear to be very sincere and spin a fictitious positive story about them across an organisation. People like them and they dont know they are dealing with a distrustful person.


Dear Mr Hamilton.

If you are encountering a difficult person in your workplace there are laws in place for, ‘Hostile Work Environment’ that should be in place with Human resourses. I think this will be a great starting point!

Not knowing the person or situation, nor being a mental health professional I can only pray for you and your situation if you would like?

Please tell us more of your situation and we can pray for our Lord to heal this discord.

Proverbs 13:10


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Definitely a tricky spot to be in! I guess it would depend on a number of things.

  1. your professional relationship to them – If you directly manage the person, you’d have a bit more power (it would seem) to keep them out of roles where a lot of trust is required. If they’re one of your colleagues or above you, then the power dynamic shifts.
  2. What do you mean in this instance by ‘distrustful’? What are they being entrusted with that they are mismanaging? Is what they are doing illegal or unethical? Are they doing their actual job well enough?
  3. How often do you have to interact with this person? Is their behaviour affecting your ability to do your job?
  4. Is this something grave enough to be taken to HR, or is it more of a personal conflict?

I am unaware of any record of Jesus interacting with a personality of this nature, unless you want to read that into Pilate, Herod, or even some of the religious leaders. But I’d be careful doing that. Jesus always acted in love, but he was also not afraid to challenge.

Sorry for more questions, but every situation (and, indeed, person) is unique. It’s difficult to give broad advice in these matters! :slight_smile:


Thanks Katie. Here are my responses:

  1. Yes, they report to me.
  2. I think that I am not being informed and not being told the truth. They seem to be doing their job but no evidence of it.
  3. I have daily interactions - all interactions are like a game. They dont tell me the truth but I need to ask numerous questions to get the truth. They also combine truth and lie together when they share matters with me.
  4. No. But even if I have to take, there is nothing substantial to be referred to. I mean, they will weave a nice story and speak the stuff what HR wants to hear. No body can find any fault in them, they will appear faultless.


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