Public School Teacher: How do I respond to new curriculum?

I have a questions for the community. I’ve asked some similar questions in the past, but this one is a little more specific. It seems New Jersey’s curriculum is mandating LGBT focused curriculum. I teach high school English, and some examples of this curriculum integration is grammar lessons using pronouns that represent how “gender fluid” individuals identify.

I’m asking how we as Christian teachers in the public school system should respond. Do I go along with it? Do I put my foot down? Strange time to be in education. Pray for teachers.

Thanks everyone!


Hi @cironed, that’s a tough one. I can’t respond with anything specific to your system as I’m from the UK and I’ve been out of teaching for a few years (about to return next year). However, with situations like this I always wonder what allowances would be made for someone of another religion. For example if a Muslim teacher was asked to teach something that went strongly against the Quran. Are you able to make a case based on freedom of belief that you don’t feel comfortable teaching a certain aspect? If you share the delivery of the curriculum with another teacher, could you ask them to cover it? I’m sure other people will have some alternative ideas on this, which I also would be interested to read.

Praying for tremendous amounts of God’s wisdom over you and every teacher out there in our schools. You’re an ambassador for Christ in the classroom and staff room. I pray that Christ’s love will shine through your words and actions more than anything else.


Dear Daniel
it might be worth doing some research to see if similar changes have been introduced in other states/schools curriculum in the USA. Has there been any opposition and if so, what was the outcome?
Check for videos on youtube where people tell their stories and the repercussions.
These changes are also happening in some schools in the UK. Look up Christian Concern, an organization in the UK defending Christians who have lost jobs or businesses as a result of non-compliance or opposition to serve LGBTQ demands etc. Perhaps there are similar organizations in USA, providing legal advice to Christians.
Also you’d be taking on the establishment so be well informed first. From the little knowledge that I have and news stories, it’s never that simple and it could cost you a whole lot.
God bless you and give you wisdom as you contemplate what to do.

8 Jan …
I just wanted to add this link to a youtube video which I just watched. This is happening in the UK more and more frequently and shows what teachers are up against!

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@cironed. Would it be a threat to your job if you vocalized to your students how inappropriate or beyond understanding you believe the requirement is? If not it would provide an excellent time for discussion with your students. It would allow you to take a stand as you comply with the requirement. It would also help students to realize it is okay to disagree with others. But civility must win the hour.

How you word your opposition is important and that guidance you get from GOD. But first I would go to my Union and get an understanding of what restraints I am required to respect. As well as what avenues I could traverse to challenge the requirement. Then I would prayerfully, with my better half, access the cost to my life to take a stand.


Count the cost.

I respect the Vicar for standing by his beliefs. It cost him to do so, but I believe God desires us to stand for truth no matter the cost. To teach a lie would be far worse. I feel for teachers these days who are faced with the conflicting social issues pouring into our schools, but I also believe God has put them in strategic places for such a time as this. God bless them and strengthen them to boldly and lovingly speak truth.