Feel like you haven’t a role in the winning of the world for Christ? My mother-in-law sent me this picture today. I hope its words comfort, encourage, and inspire you. :blue_heart::heart:


Bless you Sister,
I recognised Spurgeon’s picture but the children threw me. I thought he had two boys. So I had to check. Yes, twins, Charles and Thomas.

My how apparel changes over the years.

“You do not thoroughly know any truth till you can put it before a child so that he can see it.”

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Thank you! What a wonderful linked resource. Some of his quotes really strike a chord in my soul.

I was unfamiliar with Spurgeon’s family before this picture and your post. Thank you for identifying the twin boys.

His Morning and Evening devotionals are well known. I read one years ago that struck a wondrously strong chord in my heart. The bit that I tried to memorise goes a bit like this, “Nothing teaches us more, how precious Jesus is, than when we learn the emptiness of all else.”

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That devotional is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. It’s so timeless and true, our need for Christ. What Spurgeon said in there of our running to God when the storm is on and how we need to know God’s presence more than we need relieved of our affliction resonates with me.

Yes, I had once read that it was traditional to dress little boys in dresses for photos. I can’t imagine why but there you go!

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Thank you for this, all mothers should be so encouraged. :blush:

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