Pv 19 false witness

Pv 19 verses 5 and 9 are virtually identical. " A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who pours out lies will perish/not go free." What is the subtle difference here that Solomon would repeat this? I don’t need a deep explanation but I am curious. thank you


I try to look at different versions to help me get a clearer understanding.


@plantaseed I could be mistaken, but I think Solomon’s talking about two different, yet related, situations.

While we often associate the term “false witness” with simple lying, I think there’s a specific application. Remember that scripture tells us that “in the mouth of two or three witnesses are all things established.” In other words, where one person might tell a certain truth, a second or third person agreeing with that first adds credibility to that truth. As such, to “bear false witness” kind of carries a legal implication, such that the false witness in the first part of your verse isn’t merely someone who tells a lie (as with the latter part of your verse) but rather someone who pledges their good name to a lie, i.e. tries to pass of their lie as credible and true.


Hi @plantaseed

Well pointed out. It is actually one of the Hebrew literary device to repeat a pattern and reinforce a point, though with a slight difference to deepen the base statement.

Noticed in v5 the liar will not “escape” (yimmalet), while in v9 the liar will “perish” (yoved).

Hope that simple answer helps. Blessings


Agreed, it is a literary device.


Thank you. I am pretty sure I will never learn Greek or Hebrew, although I am a reading/writing tutor(in English!) so I am grateful for all of you pointing out the importance of the original biblical language.

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