Question about Christianity

This question requires some setup.

First of all I have to say that I am not trying to advertise myself in doing this, but I need to ask the question and this seems like the best place to do so.

I run a YouTube channel where I cover a lot of different things. Currently, I am doing an ambitious series on the question, “What is Truth?” Now I want to say right off the bat that this series is aimed at people to try and get them thinking about if there is a God or not. I already have a methodology as to how I plan on going about making this series, but there is something I need help with.

I am covering this playlist in the form of answering a who, what, when, where, why, how answers to truth, but I am setting this up as a riddle for this criteria and as such I have a different order so as to not make it too obvious about how I am using this method. So the order is going to be this:

But along with this, I am using an alternate way of talking about truth which lines up with these other things. Those other things are in this order in terms of Truth:

Now, I’ve taken these categories and separated them into the forms of truth that are known and unknown. Categorical, Material, and Scientific as the known and the Metaphysical, Moral, and Symbolic as the unknown.

So I currently have to talk about God in a Material sense while also talking about God in both a known and unknown way.

I know I could talk about Jesus as the “Known” God as it pertains to YHWH’s unknown nature, but I’m not sure I want to go that route for 2 reasons.

  1. I’d like to leave talking about Jesus in the “Why” of Truth, which would be the last of the series.
  2. I need to know if Christianity is the only religion where God becomes a materialistic thing in Jesus.

For this video, I’d like to keep to talking about the Material nature of God from things found in the OT and NOT the NT. This way I can work up to talking about Jesus later. I know God, or an incarnation of Christ was seen by some people in the OT so that is what I want to talk about. References of these instances are welcomed as well as answering how I can talk about God as a Material thing while leaving an option open to talking about how God is an unknown entity.

Sorry for the long post. Hope I get some good answers here.


Hi, @Jesse_Means_God_Exists. I love this ambitious project! I just have a quick clarifying question. :slight_smile:

And that is: What you mean by ‘material’? Do you mean material in the sense that it is created? Is God material in that sense? Or is he immaterial in that he is uncreated? Or maybe your question is more about how God reveals himself in and through the material world?

Praying for you as you hash it all out!


The idea behind what I mean by material is largely to combat the idea that we live in a purely physical universe. So when I say material, what I am really saying is things that are purely physical, meaning, there would be no room for the supernatural. That is why this is so difficult for me because it’s really hard to talk about God in a material sense. I am trying to do several things at once with this. First, I want to try and get some of the Pantheist to see where I am coming from while simultaneously combatting the idea that we only live in a purely physical universe which is what atheists think. The goal is to get the pantheist to see where I am coming from and identify with it as well as just trying to make atheists think a little bit.

I’m basically looking for 2 things.

  1. How can I talk about God in a material (physical) sense without mentioning Jesus so as to not scare away the pantheist too quickly and
  2. Being able to talk about God in both a known and unknown way at the same time.

So I could bring up how YHWH is an unknown being and that would cover God as the Unknown. But I still have to fill the gap of how God is a KNOWN being as well and something we can measure in the physical world. That is why I would want to bring up the stories in the OT of how people were actually visited by God, like Jacob when he wrestled with God for example. Something’s coming to light and I’m getting an idea of how I could talk about this as I am writing, but still want to hear what people have to say.