Question about gods all goodness

I don’t know if this makes much sense but I’ll put it in the best way I can think of. If god creates us then isn’t it kind of unfair to get created as someone like Richard Dawkins instead of like billy graham. I think this makes sense but I’m not sure. Isn’t it kind of determined that you won’t believe if you were created to think like Dawkins. If so wouldn’t that be unfair morally because then you don’t really have the chance to repent.

Wow good question…some of these things require us to think deeply about them. :thinking:
First off I would like to remind us all that when God created people, Adam and Eve were created without a sin nature. But we were also created with the ability to choose and therefor express real love to God and others. :blush:
Because of our desire to want to be god, Adam and Eve chose to rebel against God. Adam and Eve’s rebellion meant that all people who came after them now have a sin nature that rebels against God. But we also have the ability to chose to show love. Thus we have a choice as to what our individual rebellion looks like. This rebellion comes out in Dawkins life as well as Grahams life, mine also, and I am sure that if you think about it yours as well. :grimacing:
When God created people, He did not create them in such a way that their thoughts are determined…if He did then the love that is expressed between people would be meaningless because people would not have had a choice in their desire to love God or others.
But here is the difference between Dawkins and Graham, one (Graham) recognized his sin, admitted it before God and sought out forgiveness from the one that can grant a pardon for the crimes that have been committed. He then received the Holy Spirit into his life and was therefor able to live above some of the temptation toward further sin. :partying_face:
The other (Dawkins), as far as can be seen from the outside has chosen to live life by the dictates of his own will, paying no attention to the one that created him. It’s sad and we should be in prayer before God for Dawkins but in the end he will receive the rewards of a heart in rebellion against God. Every knee will eventually bow before our maker. Dawkins like everybody else was given free and has had a chance to repent. His choice up to this point has not been a wise one. :frowning_face:
Reading through the Bible you will see a number of people who at one time were in rebellion against God, but who eventually made a turn in their lives and sought out the forgiveness that Jesus has to offer. I think of Paul in the New Testament and Jacob in the Old Testament. Both of them went through a time of rebellion and then wrestling with God and His goodness before giving themselves to God. :upside_down_face:
There is hope for people like Dawkins as well. :pray: Life is a journey that is never over until we get to meet Jesus face to face in eternity.
Blessing to you and I hope my answer helps in some way.