Question about the blessings and miracles that happening outside of Christianity

How to answer to the blessings and miracles happening to other religion people?


Hi @Saravanan,

That is such a legit question. I came from a Mahayana Buddhist background and both my parents still are at this point. (I’m speaking faith that they will come to Christ one day)

Personal Background with Miracles
And I get that situation a lot, not necessarily in a question form. But my mom constantly barrages me with miraculous healing testimonies, or other kind of revelations(more like a loss-leader marketing strategy to me) that help someone become successful, or some altercations in fengshui or name after consulting mediums changes their fate for the better kind of tales. In fact, what’s really funny, she would also believe the miracles of other religions or even cults that borders on the occults, especially here in Indonesia, with the local Javanese superstitions. She has no problem consulting non-buddhist spirit gurus, but somehow she would refuse to subscribe to a simple prayer to Jesus and brands me “naive”, easily persuaded by the “West” notion. Okay, I’m going off on a tangent with this.

Frank Turek’s Video
But here is a good, concise video by Frank Turek to challenge the credibility of other religion:

In addition to that
Personal miracles cannot be accounted as evidence for other people. Unless it is empirically verifiable. But even then, I have personally seen well-documented and live “miraculous”, or better term is supernatural, happenings outside the non-Christian worldview. Even the bible had many such cases. Remember when Aaron would perform miraculous feats, and the Pharaoh’s magician would ably match 3 of them, albeit inferior, in Exodus 7-8.

For us Christians
Always know that biblically for us Christians, anything that does not glorify Christ, is not from God. And make no mistake, the devil are more than capable of deceiving us, if that’s what it takes to lead us away from God. So miracles alone do not account for the true God.

Even among Christians
Miracles can be highly sought after, put on a high pedestal, sometimes higher than our trust in the source of the miracle itself, God. That’s the reason God doesn’t cheaply wave around miracles as we wished. He is not in a business of impressing people with miracles, but we must always remember, that He is in the business of reconciliation, restoring our relationship with the Father. Miracle is merely one of the means to that end. His greatest means is the sacrifice of His only begotten Son for us. (John 3:16)

To bring it all together
Any claims to miracles need to be tested for its credibility and verified, like Frank’s video mentioned. But know the enemy is also able to conjure “miracles” too, so don’t be too surprised, but all they do is to lead us astray from the true God. I guess we must learn to critique a miracle’s purpose or the outcome it brings about. (Remember, even Pharaoh’s heart remained hardened after all the plagues).

Beyond Personal Knowledge
But if you are asking this question beyond the purpose of personal knowledge, and you are dialoguing with someone about this, do try to steer them from miracles towards their intrinsic need for a savior’s redemption. Only the Christian faith offers the best, if not the only, solution to that fundamental need. This is my MO in evangelizing to my parents now. Before I was incensed to unwisely match miracle story with another. The best way is to demonstrate God’s love through my own life and how I respect them regardless (Prov 10:12)

Sorry if I discussed more than you need to hear, but just in case, let me cover them angles. Hope that helps.

Blessings in Christ,


Thank you sir for your answer to my question. I do understand now personally and how to approach non Christians in this matter. God bless you

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