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I’ve got a question about the light. In the book of Genesis 1:3 God said “ let there be light” and there was light and in verse 5 He called that light day. Then later in verse 16 He created the light to rule the day which I believe is the sun. What light is He referring to in verse 3?

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@BJ_Hernandez That is a very good question :slight_smile: The answer actually depends upon the view of Genesis 1 that you hold. Concordist views hold that the creation actually occurs in the same order listed in Genesis 1. Non-concordist views do not require that the actual creation of the world occurred in the same order. Here is a table giving a brief summary of some of the major concordist and non-concordist interpretations.

Alright, now, let’s consider at least one way of understanding this apparent discrepancy within each view.


For the concordist, one view is that the word for ‘light’ used initially refers to light itself while the word for light used later in Genesis for the stars means ‘light-giver’. In other words, God first somehow produced light, though the text does not tell us how. Then, later, God created ‘light-givers’ - stars and sun. In other words, there was light before the stars and sun but we are uncertain of its source.

There are other concordist views of course, but this seems to be a predominant one.


For the non-concordist, the order is not an issue because Genesis 1 is not about the order of creation. For the non-concordist, Genesis 1 is extolling God’s majesty and power in creation and helping us to remember how God, as King of the Universe, has ordered all things by His mighty hand.

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