Question for progressive/old earth creationists

Hey everyone, I have a question for anyone who places the creation of Adam and Eve at 50,000 to 100,000 years ago. How do you deal with the biblical genealogy with a scale of over 50,000 years? I realize, as pointed out, that there are gaps within the genealogy between the creation of Adam and Eve to Noah’s flood. But are the gaps between Noah and Abraham really substantial enough to take us all the way to merely 3,000 or 4,000 years ago? Because most progressive creationists claim that the flood was 50,000 years ago. But there is historical information surrounding Noah, and I don’t think the genealogy between him and Abraham could possibly cover that much time. This question has troubled me a lot, but I have faith that everything will eventually make sense.

Hi Andrew . Great question !
The basis of your questions surround the use of the word father and son. Ancient Hebrew had only 4000 nouns in it while English has over 400000 hence some words like son or father were used in reference to grandfather or indeed great grandfather For example in Daniel 5.9-11 Belshazzar’s mother refers to Nebuchadnezzar as Belshazzar ‘s father (see notes below in your bible re ancestor) when in fact two kings came between them and they were not biologically related . Such flexibility in the usage of these words can explain the apparent discrepancies between parallel genealogies. See ( 1 chronicles 3, Matthew 1 and Luke 3 ). Even the apparently detailed genealogy in genesis 11 omits at least one name. The parallel record in Luke 3 includes the name Cainan , which Genesis 11 does not. The existence of gaps in the genesis should it be construed as flaws . The gaps mean we must treat the list as abbreviations. For example related in English / western thinking it may say this … “ when X had lived Y years , he became the father of Z .” The same passage in Hebrew and from a middle eastern perspective could say this. “ When X had lived Y years ,he became the father of a family line that included ( or culminated in ) Z” .The challenge in deriving a biblical date for the creation of Adam and Eve is to ascertain the relative completeness of the Hebrew genealogies. Comparative overlapping genealogies throughout the Bible yields a wide range of possibilities, anywhere from about 10 to 90 percent completeness . Using genealogical data alone , the date for the creation. Of Adam and Eve would seem roughly between ten thousand and a hundred thousand years ago. ( Remember these people lived for hundreds of years ) . An attempted calibration of the Genesis 11 genealogy suggests a date of approximately 60,000 years ago.
All this is an exert from Dr Hugh Ross’s book Navigating Genesis pg 73 there is more detail in there on it. and you will also find it in ‘A matter of days.’ Also By Ross . All good biblical based thought provoking reading. Also if you have any questions for him in this you can send him a question on Facebook and Twitter and he will respond personally. There is also a great interview with Ravi Zacharius and Dr Ross debating callers on the truth of Christianity. I’ll try to send a link
Cheers Bronie Ravi and Hugh defending Christianity

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