Question: Interacting with a psychic...!?

(Dennis Allen) #1

I’ve recently become acquainted with someone who has been trained/feels gifted as a psychic. Delightful conversations, now turning toward the reality of God, Christ, evil.

Any experience/coaching/tips/thoughts here?



(Andrea L) #2

@Dennis, that’s wonderful! My experience is that the evil does not easily releases anyone, especially if God wishes to use them as a powerful tool. Praying for God’s protection I think would be very important, and warn the person not to get freaked out if hits starts to come, just trust God - He is all powerful and all sovereign.
"And we know that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose. " (Romans 8:28)
"Rather, as it is written: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no heart has imagined, what God has prepared for those who love Him.” (1 Cor 2:9).

God delivered me from an occult background, got saved in a charismatic-pentecostal church. The first books given me to read - because of my background - were
Derek Prince: Blessing Or Curse: You can choose
Derek Prince: They shall expel demons
to be read in this order (still re-read them over and over again, quite full on). I started off as a Catholic, so I had knowledge about God and Jesus, they just needed some adjustments :slight_smile:. For that I read Derek Prince: Foundational Truths For Christian Living.

In your case I would suggest to seek God’s help which direction to focus on - learn more about God and Jesus or gaining knowledge on the tools of the evils and deliverance or something else. Relying on the Holy Spirit.

I also find very helpful just to play worship music in the background, sometimes selecting one and playing it over and over again that fits my actual situation with God / in faith. It’s usually unintentional which ones I stick to for a while, but they kind of serve as a next step in a journey - I’m no longer a slave to fear - Bring me deeper (Oceans) - New wine - etc. I found taking care of what we listen to is quite important (the words sneak into our head), and the words of these songs help to realign our focus to Jesus, believe in His power, support in challenging times. Maybe trying out Break Every Chain - it helped me a lot.
I hope I could help, please read it as a “take it or leave it” - i.e. test and discern :slight_smile:
and I’m sure others also will pop in and give you more useful advice!

(Dennis Allen) #3

Thanks Andrea! Good counsel.

(Carla) #4

Hi Andrea,
I started off as catholic too, then when I was around 8 years old went to a baptist church.
I stayed there for a little while and grew up on a Pentecostal church.
Your reference to something occult on a charismatic Pentecostal church draw my attention. Was it just a group of people from that church?
Would you mind to share some insights to recognize that?
The reason I am asking is because I am currently on a non denominational church with very sound doctrine, and I am always researching on practices that stray from the true gospel.
Hope this is not considered offensive to anyone. I teach Bible school for adults which have been believers most of their lives and I share with them how to identify false doctrines.
Thanks in advance!

(Andrea L) #5

Hi @carlaospina, I’m sorry if my writing was confusing. I was catholic first, then went to occult, then got saved in a Pentecostal - charismatic church. Nothing was occult there. However, I had met occult at another Pentecostal church later on. I’ll need a bit of a time to pray about it how to share. Main guideline: test every spirit and teaching - don’t believe something just because of the person who says it.

(Carla) #6

Hi Andrea,
Thank you for the clarification!
No worries, I am OK with your explanation. I thought there was some occult movement within the church and wanted to have some insights about how to identify such things at church.
I understand it is a delicate topic. Don’t want to put you in an awkward position. Really appreciate your time to clarify my misunderstanding. Thanks and many blessings!!