Question of the Day (Friday): Top takeaways from yesterday!

I think we need a sad reaction in Connect, haha

Agreed. I also suggested Boaz, Boethius, and Watchman for that kid. All awesome dudes. She didn’t go for any of them. But the boy ended up with the name Psalter, which is still an awesome name.


Hahah @gthopkins Sorry you missed out on all those solid names, but man I have heard your kids names through our OCCA zooms and they are the coolest I have definitely ever heard :muscle:t3::sunglasses:

During the Q/A session when Michael Ramden said worship never lets you down, worship always fulfills you. You can only find that in Jesus

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Connection with this awesome community has truly been the best takeaway for me during this conference! I’m an American living in Brazil and I’ve connected with people in Peru and São Paulo. Thank you all for the love and support! :slight_smile:


@Naomi_Zacharias and @lou.phillips’ session was so powerful especially their discussion on suffering when Naomi said, It’s only in turning towards God that we can make any sense of suffering…If Christian’s realize it’s part of the message that we have to tell is the reason we suffer and the reason we hurt is that this thing had value to us and it mattered. It had an intrinsic value that someone had intrinsic value you have intrinsic value given by your Creator that’s why it cannot be violated without a price and the price is this thing I feel inside that hurts so much. Why does it hurt so much?Because it’s the character of God that’s been violated in me. The Christian faith gives us the ability to explain why we ought to treat each other with respect and see each other with essential worth. That you and I are made in the image of God and no man or woman has the right to take that away from us.

When Amy Orr Ewing said that true love leads to giving. That simple truth just hit me square on. Praise the Lord for new insight! I also liked Naomi’s interview and that she said everyone experiences brokenness differently but all of it can be used for God’s Kingdom. Lots of great talks and questions!

Hey @Kasey_Leander I have a genuine takeaway but wasn’t sure what category to post my question in. RZIM speakers are truly giants of our faith in more ways than one, please can they get larger and more comfortable seats for you all especially for Br @Abdu_Murray ?


@Renuka, you’re completely right. Here’s @Matthew_Mittelberg and myself last year with two such giants in the faith @Abdu_Murray and @KrinBaer.

And just to add, I definitely share your passion for larger and more comfy chairs… maybe we can all sit on bean bag chairs for GAC2021 ??? Will ask @Christina_Stigile and let you know what we come up with :wink:


Such a great photo! Thanks for sharing that @Kasey_Leander
You’re all giants in the faith and I am so grateful for all of you at RZIM.
Bean bag chairs are fun and comfy to sit in. Getting out of them not quite as easy!
Was an amazing conference. God bless you all.