Question of the Day (Saturday): How has God been faithful to you in 2020?

Hi everyone,

Usually my husband and I travel a lot sharing Jesus around the world. Most of our overseas travel was cancelled after our last trip in March of this year. We got to spend lot of time at home, it’s first time in 19 years we have stayed home this long. But it has been good and restful for us. We got to catch up on lot of things that has been put aside for a while. Just like every body else we have felt the concern, uncertainty of the future and everything changing around us in society and fear has tried to get to us. We also have been dealing with sickness in the family and two of our close friend’s. Hospital visits with all the restrictions has been difficult. God has been faithful to us in encouragement, provision and being help to others with our time and resources. But it’s been a great time of devotions with Lord and chance to build deeper relationship with Him.
One of the highlights has been I joined RZIM academy this year in January and its been amazing time of studying, I have loved every minute of it. I am finishing my fourth course right now. It’s been great diving into study of God on a deeper level and it’s been something I have been looking for a long time. It helped me keep my focus in a right place. I see faithfulness of God through this, His timing is amazing.

Love and blessing to you all.

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