Question of the Day (Thursday): How has God used apologetics in your spiritual journey?

@Mphiwe, I love this. Yes kids will ask the wildest questions :laughing: But way to demonstrate that openness and love - that kind of thing changes lives!


It was my exposure with the YouTube videos of Ravi Zacharias that first gave me interest on the subject of apologetics. The word was mere vocabulary to me without much depth and meaning. But seeing Ravi in passionate action of responding to the questioner more than just merely answering the question piqued my interest. It was Ravi and his ministry that gave my spiritual journey more depth and added grace to it. Sharing the Gospel now means more to me than just showing them they were wrong. It now added the aspect of knowing where they were coming from.


I am so encouraged to hear a bit about the journey you have been on since we spoke, Holly! I look forward to hearing more as God continues to bless and guide you on this path. Answers are there waiting to be discovered. And that is God’s great delight, that we work to discover the truth, which is to discover Him, which is to discover His love for us. I am so grateful to read this update. Thank you for sharing and enjoy the rest of the conference!


I would like to add that I listen to several podcasts from RZIM during my daily exercise routine. I listen to “Just Thinking”, “The Defense Rests”, “Thinking Out Loud”, “Vital Signs”, “Ask Away” and “Let My People Think”. These are all very helpful in my walk with Jesus.

Apologetics has convinced me that faith in God is completely reasonable compared to other worldviews. I have been a Christian since age 8, but just never felt I could defend in any sensible way why I believed in God. I didn’t know how to explain to anyone that my faith wasn’t just a blind leap in the dark. Apologetics has helped me gain confidence that I am not out on some limb, but have a firm foundation that has stood the test of time.

My son does not believe in God, Jesus, or the Bible. He began having questions in middle school that I did not have answers for. My silence to his questions bolstered his doubts. Eventually, he left the faith altogether. He is now in his 30s. I received an apologetics certificate from Biola University a few years ago, but I need to learn the subject much better to be able to articulate my beliefs and why I hold them. I know I will not ever “win” my son back to faith intellectually. We actually can’t even talk about the God anymore. But for me, I want to be knowledgeable enough to challenge back what he or others say, when and if the topic comes up. I know I’ve been silenced by our culture and am tired of it. I don’t think quick on my feet, so to speak. So I need to understand apologetics very well.