Question on the Genesis account and time dilation

I heard that time dilation can explain the Genesis account, could any of y’all help me understand this concept? Also, is Genesis written from the observation point of God because I heard different perspectives when approaching this topic and I just want to make sure that I’m getting the best information.

Thank y’all and have a blessed day.


Yes - it does have the potential to explain the Genesis account.

Time dilation is an aspect of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. A good way to visualize the concept is to imagine someone on earth looking through a telescope at an astronaut a zillion miles away traveling across the skies at nearly the speed of light. As the astronaut approaches light speed (approximately 186,000 miles per second), he will appear to be moving more slowly to the telescope observer on earth. If the astronaut ever actually reaches light speed (which is theoretically impossible), the earthly observer would see him come to a complete stop in whatever pose he’d been at that moment.

On the other hand, if the astronaut approaching light speed were to look back at earth, the planet would appear to be spinning ever faster like an accelerating fan blade.

So time is not universally constant. In a universe expanding at nearly the speed of light in the opening moments of the Big Band, billions of years worth of development can take place while only a day passes relative to a hypothetical observer - or to observing angels still steaming fresh from their moment of creation in the first minutes.

In the thread below there is a video that develops this concept very well. Check it out and see if it makes sense to you.

I hope this will help answer your question.


That helps a lot thank you!!!

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