Question to Ask on Ephesians 4:26

Why was Apostle Paul emphatically asking about getting angry but not to allow the sun set and also allow it to smolder and destroy our life.?

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I believe it means, in your anger, do not sin. People tend to do or say things they do not mean when they are angry. He is saying not to do that. Don’t let the sun go down on anger is kind of like today we tell each other not to go to bed angry with your spouse or children. That way we sleep well and start the next day anew. That is my personal explanation. I am not a biblical scholar. Sometimes it helps to read different bible versions ( King James, New King James, NIV) to see how it is worded. Also interesting to compare.


Thank you for your reply, nevertheless is it a good thing to get angry in biblical perspective. :slightly_smiling_face: