How can a Christian or a believer maintain His spiritual growth in Christ Jesus daily without backsliding, because there are so much distractions going on around the world even your friends too are sometimes distraction…am really not that strong in prayer and in reading the world of GOD any more, like I used to


Hey @Chukwudi_Kingsley_Ononi! Great to hear from you again! Thank you for this great question. I think if we are honest, we all struggle with keeping Christ at the centre of our lives. You are definitely not alone.

What I know from personal experience as well as what I have heard some prominent Christian leaders share is that it is important to be actively involved in a local church community. Further, because most churches are too large for everyone to be intimately acquainted with one another, it is very helpful to be meet regularly with a smaller group within your church (usually not larger than 12 people).

I have heard Ravi speak of the importance of meeting with God in the morning before he does anything else. I think that in today’s day of smartphones and information bombardment, it has become more challenging than ever to discipline ourselves to quiet our minds before God before we dive into our day. I know that when I discipline myself to spend time in worship and seeking His wisdom in the morning before work, my heart is more receptive to hearing the Holy Spirit throughout the day, and I am able to share the love of Christ in a more genuine manner.

I would love to hear strategies that have worked for you in drawing you closer to God. I pray for His blessings upon you as you endeavor to draw closer to Him.


Thank you on this, I found it helpful .


I’m so glad @Chukwudi_Kingsley_Ononiwu. You might also find some of the bible apps helpful. I particularly like Youversion. They have a tonne of different bible-reading plans.

Listening to sermons/messages on youtube or via podcast can also be a good way to jumpstart my time with God. I love listening to Ravi and indeed the whole RZIM team. Pastors I have listened to via podcast include Tim Mackie, Tim Keller, David Platt, Matt Chandler and Francis Chan. I am sure you have your own list of pastors you like to listen to.

God’s blessings to you!

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Hello, Chukwudi @Chukwudi_Kingsley_Ononiwu First of all, I can tell you earnestly desire to live the Christian life. I think it’s wonderful that you have come back to Connect to help find some answers. There isn’t a Christian who hasn’t experienced what you are feeling now. No one, especially Christ, said that living a Christian life is easy. Christ said we need to “take up our cross and follow Him” (Matt. 10:38). But Jesus also said to "take His yolk upon you because His yolk is easy and His burden is light (Matt. 11-29-30). I have been taught that the yolk Jesus was talking about was not a shared side by side yolk, but one of training the younger oxen-more of a front/back yolk where the front takes the lead and the burdensome weight). So, how could Jesus tell us to take up our cross and then tell us His yolk is easy? Jesus knew the temptations and distractions that would come our way. The Parable of the Sower is a prime example of His knowing what we face. It can be found in Matt. 13:1-23. Mark and Luke also relate the parable. If you haven’t read it, I think you will find understanding in your difficulty with staying the course. When Jesus tells us His burden is light, He is applying it to those who’ve allowed the truth of the gospel to take root in their hearts. It is not a matter of striving, or obligation, or works. Sometimes it is just a matter of listening. We know that faith comes by hearing, and hearing the Word of God.(Rom. 10:17). If you are a new Christian, don’t try to immerse yourself into Scripture all at one time. Go to a church that preaches the truth; listen to Christian radio, if you have that where you are; obtain a simple devotional and read it each day; perhaps YouTubes can be a good source of listening to godly teaching. As the Word begins to take root, you will find out why Jesus said His yolk is not burdensome. When you were an infant, did you learn to feed yourself right from birth? Did you walk in your second month? Of course not. You needed your parents to help you and to teach you to do those things when you were able. So it is with Christianity, it is a growing process. The more you take small steps, the larger steps you will be able to take later. You will find yourself maturing in the faith as you allow the Holy Spirit to teach you…as well as other Christians. The beauty of the Christian life is that there is always something new and fresh as we grow. We never “arrive” until we are at last with Him in eternity.
Stay in company with Christians who will encourage your walk. Stay connected to Connect where you can ask your difficult questions and find valuable teaching.
Discipline yourself to prioritize the distractions–those that don’t need to be and those that require your attention.
Mostly, don’t beat yourself up for your failure to grow strong and stay in prayer. Satan is your accuser, but the Holy Spirit is convicting you. There is a vast difference. The accusations cause you to feel guilty and will drive you away from your faith. The Holy Spirit’s convictions are intended to draw you closer to God. Be grateful that the Holy Spirit has drawn you back to Connect where you can be encouraged to grow. God doesn’t give up on you. So, don’t give up on yourself.


@sgewehr, I am grateful for your writings and insight about my question, I have learn something from it .

I’m glad Chukwudi @Chukwudi_Kingsley_Ononiwu. Nothing is lost in God’s economy. If you have learned from your past 6 months, then those 6 months were not wasted. Build on what you have learned. Stay in touch.

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