Questions for mormon missionaries

(Adam Taylor) #1

Hello! I live in Thailand currently but have encountered some mormon missionaries who would like to share their beliefs with me. What are some questions I can ask them to lovingly challenge their false beliefs? Thanks for any help!

(SeanO) #2

Hey @adam, I recently had two young mormon missionaries come to my door and I was able to speak to them on a few occasions while they were canvasing the neighborhood. I ended up giving them the following tract near the tail end of our discussions. Speaking to them ‘in love’ is very important - I tried to acknowledge how much I appreciated their demeanor, respectfulness and to agree with them that family is important (which is the hook they were using to draw people into mormonism), but then I tried to challenge them on who Jesus was to them.

“Who is your master - Jesus or Joseph Smith?”

Another question to consider - “What role do our good works play in our salvation?” We know Jesus + nothing = everything, but in mormonism our own good works help attain salvation.

Also - “Who is God?”

I am looking forward to hearing what others have to say, because this is definitely an area I need to learn in.

Just as a note - one thing both islam and mormonism have in common - an angel appeared and brought ‘new revelation’. Paul said in Galatians 1:8 - “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse!”

A book with a forward from Ravi to consider reading - by Walter Martin - we used this in seminary.

This video also seemed helpful when I watched it:

(Helen Tan) #3

Hi Adam

Sean McDowell has done research into Mormonism and recently co-wrote a book entitled “Sharing the Good News with Mormons”. Here are a few links to what Sean says as a start for further consideration and comments from others:

The website of J. Warner Wallace also has some information on Mormonism:

I look forward to comments from others who have studied this in greater depth and had more experiences in this respect.

(Adam Taylor) #4

Wow! Thanks ya very much @SeanO ! These look like great resources. Some of the questions you bring up have been on my mind too. I thought they had some form of works based salvation so I’ve been working to memorize verses out of Romans 3, Galatians 2 and 3, and Titus 3. I’ll try to remember to complement them on their politeness.

(Adam Taylor) #5

Thank you very much @Helen_Tan! These look like they will be very helpful! I’m looking forward to spending some time studying them!

(Adam Taylor) #6

I just finished watching the Jeff Durbin video! Excellent teaching! He gave several passages of scripture that will be helpful! Another important point he made was to keep the right things in focus. Not to ask them about trivial things like coffee and underwear but on 1) who is God. 2) what is the gospel! Thanks for sharing!

(SeanO) #7

Glad you found it helpful. May the Lord bless your conversations and give you wisdom as you seek to declare His love and grace!

(Gayle Carter Cook) #8

I was raised in the Baptist Church, fell away and when I married my husband whose family was Mormon but non-practicing we were visited by the missionaries. I never questioned the beliefs at the time but what drew me was the kindness and honesty of the love of the people. The story of Joseph Smith, Jesus coming to America during his resurrection and so many other issues seemed to answer some questions. I do think that that is one thing that draws people in. There is an answer for everything. At the time I was baptized in the church ( I had already been baptized in the Baptist faith) the words of wisdom seemed to be the most important issue. No smoking, no drinking, so sodas, no hot foods, no excessive eating of meat. Of course now I know that they are a cult and way off base but the goodness of the people probably drew me in more than the doctrine. So now when they come to my house, I invite them in and ask in a loving way about their faith. So many of the younger ones have a script to follow so be very gentle. As people as I still love them in a special way but as the way to God and eternity I pray to set them on the right path.

(Adam Taylor) #9

Wow! Thats very interesting! If you don’t mind sharing a little bit, how did you come out of the mormon faith? They are very nice people and sometimes the challenge for me is to strike the balance between being nice and going along with what they say and on the other end just forcefully blurting out scripture or what I believe.

(Gayle Carter Cook) #10

Thanks for your question. Actually I fell away from all faith and once again lived in the secular world. I have always believed in God and Jesus but that was it. My daughter came to my rescue and now I am back in the arms of Jesus, taking multiple courses, praying for wisdom and understanding. At the age of 72 I want to learn it all, share it all and bring everyone on this wonderful journey to everlasting life. Currently I am learning more about other “cults” and how to reach them before it is too late. Thanks for your question. Always ask to pray with anyone who comes to share their belief and let God take over.

(Jimmy Sellers) #11

Reading you post made me remember that I have always said If I weren’t a Christian I would be a Mormon or Muslim. A Mormon because of what I perceived as strong family values and a Muslim because of a clear set of steps to live by. Both religions appeal to my needs as a human.1) To live right in eyes of my fellow man and 2) To know that I could do the work necessary to to be right with God. As a Christian I know that I do can neither save the work of the cross.

(Tim Ramey) #12

Jeff Durbin’s YouTube is a must-see. Thanks for sharing it. The 40 minutes is a good investment regarding the overview of Mormonism. Thanks a lot Sean!

(SeanO) #13

@Tim_Ramey Glad you found it helpful! Yes, he definitely does a good job.

(Travis Squires) #14

I would encourage you to check out the work of Tri-Grace Ministries in Ephraim, Utah. They on at the “street level” in Utah with outreach to Mormons. They have a lot of great resources on their website.

(Adam Taylor) #15

Thanks! this looks like a helpful place!

(Adam Taylor) #16

Hi Guys! A family member recently shared with me David Platt’s recent Secret Church session about Mormonism. It was a good overview of their beliefs and how mormonism differs from biblical Christianity. He also did a good job of encouraging believers to pray for and talk to Mormons they new and played great emphasis on the urgency of sharing the Gospel with them! I’ll try to share it here if I can! Secret Church 18- Mormonism

(SeanO) #17

@adam Thanks for sharing - looks great! My friend and I went to Secret Church once a few years back and it was awesome.