Questions from a Hindu

I have a question.if a orthodox Hindu asks me why do you follow Jesus?what should be my answer for it.actually a friend of mine asked me the same,I told him that Jesus was the one who saved me from all my sins,He was the one who gave me freedom from everything and they couldn’t believe it.He also asked me the proof that Bible is true,can you please help me with this?


@Nithish Great question :slight_smile: Below are some Connect threads to get you started. @Lakshmismehta may have some additional thoughts. May Christ give you wisdom as you share the Word with this individual and open their heart / mind to Christ.

Reaching Hindus

Reliability Bible


Hi @Nithish! Thank you for reaching out to the RZIM Connect community for insight and support as you continue to prayerfully engage with your Hindu friend.

It sounds to me like you have begun well by sharing from your personal experience. After all, your friend asked why you follow Jesus—not necessarily all the reasons Christians believe he is trustworthy and worth following. This is very important.

I understand that your friend has pressed further, asking how can we know the revelation of Jesus (the Bible) is trustworthy? This is a frequently asked question, and are great apologetics resources on this question. @SeanO has provided some links to conversations that can get your thinking started in that area.

But I wanted to add another suggestion for you to explore as well. You said that when you testified to all Jesus has done in your life,

I wonder if clarifying your friend’s point of incredulity would help you to discern the best direction for your continuing conversation.What in particular do they find unbelievable? Is it Jesus’ forgiveness of sins? Or that God came to us incarnate in one man and this man, Jesus Christ, is enough to transform our lives? Or perhaps that Jesus can cleanse and purify us of all sin without many cycles of rebirth?

Big ambiguous disbelief is difficult to engage with constructively. Narrowing the focus of what they struggle to believe might help you move forward in this conversation. Bless you as bear witness—with your life and your words—to the living reality of Jesus Christ, Nithish!