Questions on history and Kantian metaphysics

Hello there Mr. Leander!

I read that you earned a degree in history, I am currently taking up a history degree in our university here in the Philippines and interested how history can fit in apologetics and theology in the philosophical context.

I have three questions sir,

Many polytheistic religions in ancient history or antiquity have been very dominant and flourishing. Was there a point in history when all human beings were monotheistic and later branched into polytheism? If there are any sources on that, may I ask for the sources as well? hehe

What are the historical truth tests that a Christian can use in determining the truthfulness and authenticity of scriptures? Is it the traditional historical methodology, like external and internal criticisms, or were there additional criteria or standards added on that method?

Lastly, haha, what is the main thesis of Immanuel Kant in determining metaphysical knowledge and what was his conclusion there? Can his philosophy fit into the Christian worldview?

Oh sorry for these multiple questions sir I am really interested in your answers. Thank you very much for the future response. Looking forward… Maraming Salamat Po! (English: That you very much sir!)


Hey Karl!

Apologies for the delay! Recorded you a video response, below. It’s lengthy (sorry!!) but then again, I’ve never heard a discussion on Kantian Metaphysics that WASN’T super lengthy :sweat_smile:

But in all seriousness, loved these questions and hope this helps!

As promised, here’s a bunch of links for further research:

Rodney Stark’s book “One True God.”

Harvard Divinity School article of development of monotheism:

Biblical Criticism
Why trust the Bible? Amy Orr-Ewing (Book)(super awesome lecture by Dr. AOE)

The Historical Reliability of the Gospels Craig L Blomberg (his book) (a super awesome lecture by Dr. Blomberg)

The Resurrection of the Son of God - NT Wright (NT Wright’s Book)

Also, I have to mention Justin Brierly’s Podcast “Unbelievable.” It’s my secret weapon on staying up to date with stuff as an apologist. He has episodes featuring leading Bible scholars like Craig Evans, Peter J. Williams etc. debating skeptics like Bart Ehrman. 10/10 would recommend! check it out

Kantian Metaphysics

If you’re feeling nerdy, the Stanford Encyclopedia is an excellent peer-reviewed encyclopedia of philosophy. A great resource to crash-course philosophy to your heart’s content!

God bless!


OH! Thank you very much Mr. Leander. It is an honour! I am doing fine brother still healthy haha. Lets continue to pray for each others’ safety haha. Wow incredible answers brother haha I love your academic path by God’s grace haha. Praise God! Stay strong brother and pls stay safe from this virus haha. Soli deo gloria!