Quincy Bulla or Q or QB for short

Hello fellow Bros & Sisters in the Lord!
I’m originally from NC, but currently living in Atlanta, Ga
I’ve been following Ravi Zacharias for a few yrs now & he & a few other known spiritual leaders are coming to Atl in a couple of days to speak to church leaders & my wife & I intend to join.
I hope to learn be challenged spiritually to grow & better Express the Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ to those in my sphere of influence, as well as do the same here.


Hi Quincy! So glad you are here🙂

Hi Qunicy! @QBulla
I hope you enjoy seeing Ravi and the other speakers… Sounds like a great opportunity! :relaxed:

Also, enjoy your time in Connect- it’s been such a blessing to have a space like this to learn and grow in Christ.

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Welcome Quincy! We’re so glad that you’re here! I’m so glad that you and your wife will get to see Ravi and some others in a conference - I bet it will be a great time of spiritual refreshment.

RZIM Connect it a great place to be challenged spiritually on many levels – from prayer to apologetics to learning to care for others on a deep level, it’s an environment that encourages real growth in each of us. Jump in on the forums with your questions and ideas. I look forward to seeing you out there!

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Thanks Sis. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

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Thanks so much for your Welcoming me here!!! God Bless You!

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Thanks Sis…God Bless You