Rabin Rai

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Hi ! My full name is Rabindra Prakash Rai. After baptism I got name - James Rai.

I am from Nepal (country of Mt.Everest).

I used to watch dozens of Ravi Zacharias’s and RZIM’s videos in youtube. It really inspired me so, that’s how i knew about Connect and joined.

I hope my sharing of my part(country) of culture perpectives on religion and my learning of faith in Christ will help some to know how christainity stands in my region of world. And my self struggle in faith to reach the truth of Jesus Christ will open me and others to connect each other in different topics of faith.

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Welcome aboard @JamesRai. I would love to see mount Everest up close. Thank you for joining and thank you for bringing your perspective from your country and your heart. I trust that connect will be a great resource for you as well as a source of blessing both giving and receiving. God-bless your journey and you.

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Welcome to Connect, @JamesRai! I love how global this community is, and we are privileged to have you join us. We pray that this will be a place that strengthens and encourages you further on your walk with Christ. Look forward to interacting with you out on the forum!

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Hi James! @JamesRai
Welcome to Connect :blush:
Enjoy exploring all the great topics and discussions going on.
Looking forward to hearing some of your thoughts, as well!
Nepal- wow! I gotta ask…have you hiked some of Everest??

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Thank you for your welcome. :smile:
I joined here to be connect with people with faith all aroung the world and aparting of sharing, i am wishing to learn more.
And about your question about hiking on Everest … sorry to tell you I haven’t yet (planning to in future). I am currently living in the low parts(Terai region) of country even though i was born in same region as the Mt.Everest(was back with my family in my early age here). But do have stories about family members back there.

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Thank you

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Thank you and hoping i can learn more from the connection. :slightly_smiling_face:

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