Rachel S

Hello all!
I’m Rachel, a 21 y.o. biomedical engineering student from Indiana, dual citizen of the US/UK, currently living in Boston. I took RZIM Academy’s Core Module last semester and gained a lot from it - now looking for an opportunity to continue to connect with the RZIM community and resources.

Over the course of my undergraduate degree I’ve been deeply invested in the international student community at my university, and it’s led to some of the most fulfilling conversations, especially with Muslim students. I’ve been reading both Nabeel’s and Ravi’s books alongside parts of the Qur’an and Bhagavad Gita over the past year, and I’m hoping to continue my pursuit of knowledge so that I can be ever more ready to give a reason for the hope that I have. I’m currently working in a very diverse company and really enjoying spending time with my coworkers from different backgrounds and cultures.

Looking forward to learning with you all. If anybody is in the Boston area and would like to meet up, I’m more than willing. Church suggestions also welcome, as I’m very new to the area.


Welcome to Connect @rsurridg !
It is very encouraging to have believers studying in the sciences.
I just finished the Science elective yesterday through the RZIM Academy and my head is spinning.
We need more believers in this field. I hope Connect is helpful for you.


Welcome aboard @rsurridg. Another academy alum. Yay! What a path of interest you have. I wish you the best in your educational and experiential pursuits. Please let us know how you are able to put some of the core module tenets to use in your conversations. God-bless.


Welcome @rsurridg, your introduction is inspiring. I have so much respect for young people making such wise choices early in life. I believe you will be a blessing here. Enjoy browsing through the topics and please feel free to engage, offering your thoughts and insight.
Take care :heart:


Hi Rachel! @rsurridg
I agree with @sig - so inspiring to hear of a young person with such drive and passion - and all to the glory of God. So glad you’ve joined us! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much @sig! Your encouragement is a blessing!