Radiometric Dating

Seeing the little birds carelessly swirling through the air, watching a video of the “mimic octopus” or just watching a sunrise, are all enough to convince me that evolution is wrong. The bible said " in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, and I have no problem with that beginning being eons(billions of years)ago. In fact, it just shows more of God’s glory to me.

Now getting to when God created on THIS earth. it says in the bible, that at some time in the past, God created HERE this particular environment as we know it. (He may have created several times on this earth, as far as I know, maybe wiping them out. Who knows? we have no knowledge of that given in the scriptures, but we do see some pretty weird creatures in the dinosaur era and a lot of geologic changes.) But at some point, He created as He said in Genesis.“the earth was without form and void” and dark. Jesus himself witnesses to the creation and to the Word of God being faithful. This also rules out evolution for me (macro)

Whether the “days” are 24 hour, 1000 year or more, does not really matter to me as John Lennox says in his new book. I am certain that Evolution is UNTRUE, mainly because GOD and JESUS say that they “created” and it was an act of God. I will take God’s Word over any scientist, no matter their credentials.

What still seems to give me trouble as I think these issues through ( for about 40 years) is the Radiometric Dating of the Human Skulls and bones. I bought a book to try to figure out if the dating of fossils is in any way challenged by Christians, but it was so technical I couldn’t even understand it! I also saw on my son’s 23 and Me results that he has a percentage of Neanderthal DNA in his DNA.

Can anyone help me to understand how the “dating systems” used by science can be wrong? Also, can anyone explain what the Neanderthals were, as opposed to us? Were they the “Son’s of God, marrying the daughters of Man?” in Genesis?


@Palmtree, interesting question.
I have my thoughts on this but will see what the learned alumni have to weigh in on this topic.

This is from another topic on connect but it does address your dating question. I found it helpful.

@Francisco_Delgado is a good source for these question. It has been my experience in other modules that he has a passion for the subject.

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Thank you, I will read over what Francisco has written as well as watch the videos. The age of the earth never throws me, just the age of the “human” fossils, though they are few. I will see what I discover when I look at the sources you gave me.

Any thoughts are welcome! This is such a hard subject.