Random photos

By the way, I was looking for a discussion group and noticed this on my phone. Is my phone acting up? Daisy & Bradley have the same photo as well as Patricia and Sefora…

Oh, that’s odd… maybe try logging out and then logging back in?

I think the photo is of the last person who replied to that topic, not the person who started the topic. :slight_smile:

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Oh. Okay dokey, thanks for letting me know.

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During the first weeks I was also a bit irritated about the pictures and sometimes I still find it impractical that the picture of the last writer is shown. Perhaps one could think about changing that if possible?


Hi friends,

Thank you for the feedback. This is the default behavior of the technology that we use for RZIM Connect. It would be a challenge to modify that and maintain that modification.

I admit that it does look a bit strange in the Welcome to Connect area, as the name and photo often doesn’t match.

However, in other discussion areas, it can make more sense and help a participant understand who has last replied to a conversation they’re involved in.

Thank you for bearing with us in some of the limitations of our context.


Ok, I am fine with that.

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