Randy Tobler

Say hello…

Where are you from? From Northeast Missouri, small town named Memphis

What led you to join Connect? We are at the summit, All Nature Sings

How do you hope to contribute? To join in conversation. Lots to learn, not much to offer at my level of understanding.
However, I am a part time broadcaster and am concerned about the dwindling influence of Christian voice in public policy and our culture j


Welcome @rtobler.
I hope the more time you spend here the more you will realize God doesn’t need you to have a PhD but your availability. Your passion for spreading His Word is really inspiring :smile:


Hey Randy! @rtobler

Oh my goodness- the summit - All Nature Sings sounds like an amazing opportunity!

We had someone else in Connect comment about loving to learn through His Creation-
Once you are finished the Summit- feel free to share anything inspiring you’ve learned this week …wouldn’t be surprised if many here in Connect would love to join that conversation.

Be blessed, Randy! :relaxed:


Hello @rtobler, welcome to connect :slightly_smiling_face: Would you tell us a little about “All Nature Sings” ?
And I am also curious about some of the most profound challenges in broadcasting? I hope you don’t mind the questions :pray: I remember reading some very profound truths in Malcolm Muggeridge’s book __ “Christ in the Media.” We could learn from your experience. I hope to see you engaging in the forums and I look forward to your insight.


Hi @rtobler,

Welcome! This community is a great place to encourage one another to rebuild people’s trust in the value of the Christian perspective! I hope you’ll bring your expertise to bear on conversations and that you’ll start some good topics for us to consider with you!


Welcome aboard @rtobler. Awesome to have you with us. Let’s join together to help fight that dwindling influence. I look forward to reading your posts to help that cause. Maybe even include some audios that would be helpful to the members here. God-bless your journey.


Sorry late in responding. Catching up with work got in the way! J

The Summit was great. It cemented the idea that Christians should be the most passionate environmentalists, and also directly addressed the oft-stated “conflicts” of science and the Bible.
It was our first RZIM event and was transformative.


The biggest challenge in Broadcasting? There are 2 from my perspective: 1) Resisting the temptation to chase revenues and paying too much attention to ratings. They are false Gods and can mean making tough choices to respect one’s principles. 2) Maintaining civility on a talk show that takes opposition calls first! One has to be provocative and entertaining to maintain audiences’ ears, but ohhhh to be as self-controlled and #SmoothlySocratic as Ravi!