(Randy Wolfer) #1

Have been enjoying RZIM podcasts in the car in hopes to learn more about questions people might ask, thoughtful answers as I seek to better engage my community.

As a follower of Jesus in Oregon since 1974, I want to do better at reaching my community and sharing my faith.

(Tabitha Gallman) #2

Welcome to the community @RandyW. I love all the questions and discussions and know you will too. :slight_smile:

(Joshua Spare) #3

Welcome to Connect, @RandyW! Have you had a chance to put the things that you have been learning about to use? I would love to hear stories, if so! That said, I’m thrilled to have you along in the community here, and I look forward to seeing your contributions!

(Susan Jarvis) #4

Randy- That was about the same year that I met Jesus (obviously we were both precocious toddlers, right?)! Isn’t it wonderful that there continues to be so many Christians to meet who love Him and so much to learn?