Rap music- a stumbling block

I recently met a girl at the college I attend who said she is a Christian but doesn’t think she can give up rap music which she feels is keeping her from being “all in” and committed to Christ. She pointed out that many of the words are violent and suggest bad thoughts but she really likes that kind of music. She said sometimes her grandma will tell her “only listen to gospel music.” I told her that I love many genres of music and believe that secular and Christian music can be encouraging, joyful, and uplifting. I urged her to check the lyrics and what the messages of the songs are and determine if she really wanted to be singing along to them. She pointed out that most hip hop/rap music includes cussing or explicit language so she couldn’t really get away from the negative content while keeping the style of music. Any advice?


Honestly if music is holding her back from Christ and she knows it then she sounds a bit immature. While I don’t think some secular music is okay to listen to that’s more so a personal conviction. Meaning for me as an individual certain types of music influence me the wrong way so I don’t listen because I want my behavior and thinking to be Christ influenced.

Some are not affected by music like this. Only she can know for sure how affected by music she actually is but regardless of what it is that shouldn’t be her reasoning behind not getting closer to God. If she were an unbeliever I would be a little more compassionate but she’s not.

She has to decide for herself what she really wants. Music can’t save her soul, give her true peace, joy, wisdom etc. These things only come from God. I would suggest she really think about this phrase from the Bible " where your treasure is there your heart will be also". If she treasures rap music that much that’s where her heart is and that’s never good, but her heart is there because that’s where her passion/time/energy is going. Anything you invest in will become a treasure to you.


@Sgpage well the good thing is, it seems Holy Spirit is speaking to and working on this girl. Perhaps consider buying her one of Lecrae’s albums or his book. He is a very talented Christian hip hop artist with an awesome testimony. Here is a link to his book but perhaps one of his albums would be more effective:

With the release of the new Wu-Tang TV series I recently found myself spending a day relistening to a lot of the old 90s stuff and it definately did not edify me spiritually :pensive:


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I’d like to add some Christian hip-hop\rap artists that could help. Check YouTube!

Kingdom Muzic - Bryann Trejo, Antwoine Hill, Kurtis Hoppie (Triple Thr33) and more!

Hogmob - Sevin, Illuminate

116 - Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Tripp Lee, Tedashii


Kingdom Muzic is my main go-to. Hope this is helpful! :blush:


Hi Kourtney,

Thank you so much for the recommendations. I am a complete novice in the hip–hop genre. Now I know where to start.:slight_smile:

I want to welcome you to Connect! I hope you will be encouraged and blessed by what you read and the people you meet on this site.

Grace and peace to you,
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Thanks all for the suggestions!

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I’m a HUGE hip hop fan. Huge.
I’d suggest trying to first get her into some of the christian artists. Propaganda, NF, Beautiful Eulogy are three great places to start. NF is pseudo-mainstream too.
That said, being a christian is orthogonal to the music you listen to, to an extent. She can absolutely be a christian and listen to vulgar music… for a while. I’d suggest getting her to accept Jesus, and letting Him handle her music proclivities is the best way to go. I never gave up hip hop, or even some of my favorite groups (Fugees ftw!), but my tolerance for more of the hard-core stuff simply faded.

You won’t change her tastes, but HE can.