Rape and abortion

How do you share God’s love and the gospel to someone who is pregnant with a child from a sexual assault incident and is planning on abortion?

Why does God permit such event in order to permit another creation of life thru that?
And how does one decide who lives? Abort the baby, and the mother lives? Or The baby lives and the mother dies? Thank you so much.


I await to an answer to this as well. May God give you guidance as you go through this; praying for you.

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Hello @acegonzales

Very great question!
Actually, there are a lot of layers of questions you have here.
And this kind of topic demands a conversation, not just a one-sided one. There are many aspects and angles we have to look at when dealing with this subject. Therefore, I just want to add a little reminder in this conversation.

The very platform we have to share God’s love to people who are going through this kind of situation, such as rape, verge of aborting a child, and hard decision about morality. The very platform we have to be a representative of God is RELATIONSHIP

When we have built that kind of mutual trust, then we would not easily preach the gospel to them and say to them they were wrong and it is immoral. We would have the discipline and conviction to “check the person” and for them to know, we are here for them.

Relationship with those people who are experiencing this kind of situation is like a key to open a door for them to know what is true and what is right. Ultimately, for us to share them the love of Christ.

This is just the first step of the conversation.
I hope that it helps!


Hello @acegonzales! These are some great, packed questions you’ve presented here. I think @domingoosabel laid a great foundational as we dive into this subject.

I really appreciate your heart to share the love of Christ with those facing this kind of difficult situation and I pray God gives you wisdom in this as it’s a very delicate issue! :heart:

When God created the man and woman in the marriage union, with the ability to reproduce and populate the earth, He said it was very good (Genesis 1:31). I couldn’t necessarily say that God permits such an event as rape in order to allow the creation of another life, because He does create life in other beautiful circumstances as well. In a rape situation we primarily see the distortion of something that was meant to be beautiful (as in our sexuality) taken for selfish pleasure and becoming devastational to many lives. This is a reminder that our actions don’t just affect our own lives, nor does it only affect the life of the one with whom we’re directly offending, but it affects those around as well. And in this case it would also include the life of an unborn child. The process by which one is brought into being is not what gives an individual its intrinsic worth, but because we are created with intrinsic worth, the process by which we are conceived is sacred. Our worth and value is endowed to us by our Creator. From the moment God breaths life into the embryo it is fully human and He knows every part of us Psalm 139:16 Something to think about is should one human be punished for another’s wrong doing? We serve a just God. Ezekiel 18:20 talks about the child not bearing the iniquity of the father.

But what about the mother? Rape is such a horrible thing and truly humiliating, it devalues a person in the eyes of another, being used for another’s pleasure in consumption rather than being someone cherished within a marriage relationship. I think it of great importance to share with the mother the value she has that no man can take away from her because her worth is not attributed to her by man but by God. Restoring her of her dignity because of Christ allows room for discussion on why the life of her unborn child matters and the worth it has as well.

I think you might find this thread beneficial and would encourage you to peruse through this discussion. Hope it is of help.

Regarding a few of the later questions:

One of my questions here would be who’s the decider?
Is the situation you’re dealing with purely an either or, or is there a possibility for both to live? Is she possibly open to the idea of adoption instead of abortion?

I’d love to hear more of your thoughts!


I believe the guiding principle should be to support whatever maximizes life.

That means saving two lives is better than saving only one, and saving one life is better than losing both.

I hope this will help you.


Thank you for your question! Just alerting you that there was a similar question asked a few weeks ago with a few more answers in case they are helpful! The discussion is here:


Thank you so much for being a blessing. To God be the Glory! I am touched

Thank you for this as well! I’ll be sure to check this out. Just made my account 3 days ago and surely have missed this one. Much blessings @calummiller
To God be the Glory

When it comes to maximizing life. The problem is actually medical complications… Complications that lead to whether the mother lives, child dies or child lives, mother dies… @jlyons :’(


Your post made my heart cry. God is really really really good… The emotions are overflowing. Thank you for being a blessing and spending time to write here. Thanking the Lord for all the lives here at RZIM connect. Thank you too @CharityLinzey
To God be the Glory!!!


Thanks for your questions again! I think it’s important to separate out the issues of abortion in the case of rape and in the case of a risk to the mother’s life.

With regard to the latter, it’s worth being aware of just how small a number of abortions these are. Out of over 200,000 abortions yearly in the UK, fewer than 100 are to save the life of the mother. And when you look into the details of these cases, in many of them abortion is not actually necessary to save the life of the mother. That means absolutely tiny percentage of abortions are for this reason. Moreover, in almost all of these (very few) cases, there is no way to save the baby - the baby will sadly die anyway as the mother dies. In that case, it is permissible to save one life (rather than lose both) by separating the mother and baby - we foresee that the baby will die, but we do not intend it, and that is an important difference. The number of cases where we actually have to choose between the mother and child is absolutely tiny - extraordinarily rare.

It is also worth being aware that abortion is associated with higher mortality. Studies from Finland, where abortion is widely available and not stigmatised, have shown repeatedly that the risk of dying after abortion is about 3 times the risk of dying after continuing a pregnancy. The main reason for this is that pregnancy, childbirth and childcare are some of the strongest protective factors against suicide, which is in fact the leading cause of pregnancy-related mortality (within the following year) in developed countries. By contrast, abortion is a known risk factor for suicide.


I feel for the mother, but every life is precious, it is not the child’s fault what happened. Nor is it the mother’s fault.
That baby deserves a life, there are so many people that unable to conceive and they would welcome a child


The best answer I can give is for that person to read the book ‘The Atonement Child’, by Francine Rivers. The story is exactly what you describe; a 20 year old girl is raped and becomes pregnant. Everybody tells her to abort…why not in these circumstances…but she keeps the baby and God is with her the whole way through, And she is incredibly blessed with the child.


Jeira, Your question, stabs at the contrast between the depravity of man and the ability of the grace of God to bring beauty out of ashes. When I read your question my heart was prompted immediately with the story of Adel told in the book Hearts of Fire. In 2000, in Indonesia, her town was attacked by jihad, Muslims. She and her daughter, Christina, were kidnaped, tortured, and held for 18 months. During that time, she was forced to ‘marry’ one of the soldiers. She became pregnant. When the baby was born, a girl, at the urging of her daughter she escaped with the infant. “Even though A
del was now free, the still felt captive. Worse she felt like a traitor. She had married another man and left her daughter Christina behind. How could Methu (husband) ever forgive her?” When Methu joyfully embraced her, he looked down at the infant and said, “So this is our new daughter.” With help Christina was rescued, Adel dealt with her feeling of being a traitor, traitor, her unforgiveness, and guilt. She and her husband are evangelists. Through it all the depravity of man the BABY is innocent.


The Baby is always innocent and it is never the Mother’s fault for what happened. God loves us all so much, we are all his children.